Geoscience in South-West England

Volume 13 Part 3 2014
ISSN 0566-3954


The economic geology of granite - an integrated view
D.A.C. Manning [abstract]


Benthic ecosystem dynamics following the Late Triassic mass extinction event: palaeoecology of the Blue Lias Formation, Lyme Regis, UK
A.C. Pugh, S. Danise, J.R. Brown and R.J. Twitchett [abstract]


With the odour of a cesspool and bad horseradish: the mineral waters of Daviesville Spa, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, UK
J.D. Mather and H.C. Prudden [abstract]


Prospectivity of tungsten in South-West England using Bayes’ Theorem
M.W.C. Barr and R.C. Scrivener [abstract]


The River Siger: a polygenetic Holocene palaeotidal meander and creek system in the Somerset Levels
A.G. Brown and R. Brunning [abstract]


The geology of the excavations made in 2005-6 for coast-protection and landslide remedial works at Lyme Regis, Dorset
R.W. Gallois [abstract]


Foraminifera from the Fowey Estuary, Cornwall
M.B. Hart, S.J. Stubbles, C.W. Smart, J.K. Fisher, C. Hoddinott, I. Marshall-Penn and A. Yeo [abstract]


A periglacial ground-ice structure in the Upper Greensand (Cretaceous) at Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK
R.W. Gallois and D.T.C. Sole [abstract]


Rediscovery of an Ichthyosaurus breviceps Owen, 1881 sold by Mary Anning (1799-1847) to the surgeon Astley Cooper (1768-1841) and figured by William Buckland (1784-1856) in his Bridgewater Treatise
M.A. Taylor [abstract]


The position of the Permo-Triassic boundary in Devon
R.W. Gallois [abstract]


Evidence for structural controls on the Lower Jurassic (Pliensbachian-Toarcian) succession at Chapel Cross, South Cadbury, Somerset, UK
H.C. Prudden and M.J. Simms [abstract]


Landslide mechanisms in the Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs National Nature Reserve, Devon, UK
R.W. Gallois [abstract]


Short note

British Triassic palaeontology - a continuing story
G. Warrington [abstract]


Field excursion

Field excursion to examine the Jurassic sedimentology and structure of the North Somerset coast, 5th January, 2014
M.W. Anderson, G.D. Price, D.C.P. Peacock and K.N. Page [abstract]


Abstracts of other papers/posters presented at the Annual Conference, January 2014


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