Funding For Research

    A Fieldwork Research Fund has been established to make small grants (up to a maximum of £500) to support fieldwork, or expenses relating to work directly linked to the south-west area (i.e. to fund geochronology; preparation of thin sections). Applicants must be fully paid-up Members of the Ussher Society or registered students at a UK University (who do not need to be Members).  There are separate forms for students (download here) or fully paid up members (download here). If you are a fully paid up student member, please use the student form.

    The fieldwork bursary of up to the value of £500 is available to successful candidates.  It is expected that the successful candidates will offer either a talk or a poster for presentation at the earliest Ussher Society Annual Conference which follows the completion of the project for which they obtained funding.  There is also the expectation that the project-work will be offered for publication on the Ussher society website subject to reviewer approval of the manuscript.

    Please complete all of the fields and return the form to the Ussher Secretary no later than 16th June 2019.

    Annual Conference
    Bursaries are usually available to support registered students who wish to make an oral or poster presentation at the Society’s Annual Conference held in the January of each year. Please contact the Conference Coordinator for more details.


    Ussher Researchers

    If you would like to be included in the list below of members with research interests relevant to the Ussher Society, please e-mail brief details and a link to your webpage or your e-mail to the web editor.

    Tony Brown: research interests across most of the Ussher region including Devon, Dorset and Somerset. Principal themes: (1) Quaternary (incl. Holocene) geological history (2) fluvial geomorphology & sedimentology, (3) environmental archaeology.  http://www.southampton.ac.uk/geography/about/staff/ab1e06.page

    Ramues Gallois: research interests in Triassic to Cretaceous and Quaternary stratigraphy and sedimentology in England and France, and their practical applications. Current themes: (1) Kimmeridgian and Albian successions (2) Quaternary glaciations (3) landslides (4) hydrocarbons (5) ground stability (6) coastal erosion.  http://www.geologist.co.uk

    John Mather: research interests in the history of geology, particularly related to groundwater. Current themes include (1) Spas and mineral springs (2) Water supply (3) Geological travellers in the south-west.  (e-mail: mather@jjgeology.eclipse.co.uk)

    Robin Shail: research interests across most of the Ussher region including Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and Devon. Principal themes: (1) Variscan / post-Variscan tectonics and structural geology, (2) Upper Palaeozoic stratigraphy and sedimentology, (3) granites and mineralisation, (4) coastal landsliding.  http://emps.exeter.ac.uk/csm/staff/rshail


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