Proceedings of the Ussher Society, Volume 8, Part 3, 1994

ISSN 0566-3954


Late Cenozoic Wales and south-west England
D.Q. Bowen [pdf]

The uranium-thorium and rare earth element geochemistry of reduction nodules from Budleigh Salterton, Devon
A.J. Kemp, M.R. Palmer and K.V. Ragnarsdottir [pdf]

Mingling between coexisting granite magmas within the Land's End Granite - preliminary observations
S. Salmon [pdf]

Late Cadomian Intermediate Minor Intrusions of Guernsey, Channel Islands: the microdiorite group
R.A. Roach and G.J. Lees [pdf]

Metabasite parageneses in south-west England
D. Robinson, C. Mazzoli and T.J. Primmer [pdf]

Crosscourses in South Crofty Mine, Cornwall: further studies of paragenesis and structure
S.C. Dominy, R.C. Scrivener N. Le Boutillier, M.A. Bussell and C. Halls [pdf]

Ammonium enrichment associated with hyrothermal activity in the granites of south-west England
A. Hall and D.H.M. Alderton [pdf]

Directional features within an assemblage of primary textures preserved in a kilometre section of the upper mantle peridotite, from the Lizard, Cornwall
A.T.V Rothstein [pdf]

The Most Southerly Point Thrust - an example of ductile thrusting in the Lizard Complex, south-west Cornwall
K.A. Jones [pdf]

Late- to post-Variscan extensional tectonics in south Cornwall
R.K. Shail and J.J. Wilkinson [pdf]

Tectonic evolution of the Plymouth Bay Basin
M.J. Harvey, S.A. Stewart, J.J. Wilkinson, A.H. Ruffell, and R.K. Shail [pdf]

Variations in the style of thrust faulting in the South Wales Coalfield and mechanisms of thrust development
T.M. Hathaway and R.A. Gayer [pdf]

Unroofing the Variscan mountains — evidence from the Forest of Dean
J.A. Jones and K.A. Jones [pdf]

A new magnetic survey of Lundy island, Bristol Channel
C.L. Roberts and S.G. Smith [pdf]

The vegetational history of Pile Copse 'ancient' oak woodland, Dartmoor, and the possible relationships between ancient woodland, clitter, and mining
C.A. Roberts and D.D. Gilbertson [pdf]

The Portland - Purbeck Transition: a microfacies analysis
I. Gorman and C.L. Williams [pdf]

The Mid-Dorset Swell; a re-assessment
M.B. Hart [pdf]

Mineralogy and provenance of airborne dust in open cast coal mining areas of South Wales
J.R. Merefield, I. Stone, G. Rees, J. Roberts, A. Dean and J. Jones [pdf]



Transpressionally driven rotation in the external Variscides of south-west Britain
R.A. Gayer and M. Nemcok [pdf]

Permian breccias and Pleistocene in temporary exposures around Tiverton, Devon, and their stratigraphical context
R.L.P. Hodgson and D.J.C. Laming [pdf]

The Lithostratigraphy of the Mid-Upper Jurassic of north Dorset; preliminary results from three new boreholes
A.S. Henderson, G.M. Oliver and M.B. Hart [pdf]

Quaternary placer cassiterite deposits in Cornwall: the role of periglacial processes in their development
G.S. Camm and D.G. Croot [pdf]

Observations on soil gas variations in the Bovey Basin
G.A. Duddridge [pdf]

Field excursions

Field excursion to the Minehead area, 5th January
H.C. Prudden and R.A. Edwards [pdf]

Field excursion to examine the Triassic Jurassic transition in west Somerset and the Quaternary deposits of Doniford Bay, Watchet
K.N. Page, A.H. King and D.D. Gilbertson [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]


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