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Trilobites of South-West England
C. J. Stubblefield

The Coastal Outcrop of the Culm Measures of South-West England
D. P. Ashwin

The geological interpretation of gravity and magnetic surveys in Devon and Cornwall
M. H. P. Bott, A. A. Day and D. Masson-Smith

The structure and stratigraphy on the northern and western margins of the Dartmoor granite
W. R. Dearman and N. E. Butcher

Notes on the Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous Rocks of the Launceston District
E. B. Selwood

The age of the orogeny in South-West England
J. E. Prentice

Nuclear Emulsion Techniques
I. H. Ford

Radioactivity and Radioactive Accessory Zircon of the Land’s End Granite
Z. M. Zaghloul

The specific alpha-particle activity of zircons from the Carnmenellis composite intrusion
E. Cameron

Petrological features of the greenstones and sediments in the Carn Moyle-St. Ives section of the Land’s End metamorphic aureole
J. Hawkes

Some features of the contact-aureole of the Land’s End granite
E. D. Lacy

The Petrology of the St. Austell Granite
C. S. Exley

The distribution of alkalis and fluorine across some granite┬Čkillas and granite-greenstone contacts
C. M. L. Bowler

The Culm igneous suite near Tavistock, West Devonshire
N. E. Butcher

The Distribution Pattern of the Hypothermal Lodes of the South-West of England
K. F. G. Hosking

Geochemical Prospecting in Cornwall
K. F. G. Hosking

A Radioactivity Reconnaissance in Scilly
A. T. J. Dollar