Ussher Society Virtual AGM and Mini-Lecture Series

The Ussher Society annual AGM meeting will be held virtually online on Friday 15th January 2021 using Zoom.

The AGM will begin at 2pm and will be followed by a series of 3 online talks, the last of which will be the annual Scott Simpson Lecture which will be given by Prof. Doug Stead, from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada (also an honorary visiting professor at Exeter University CSM).

Planned schedule (Jan 15th 2021)

14:00 – 15.30: Ussher Society AGM

15:40-16:10: Talk 1 – Prof. Frances Wall [25min+Q’s]
Technology metals and circular economy – opportunities and
challenges in the southwest.

16:20-16:50: Talk 2 – Prof. Malcolm Hart [25min+Q’s]
Estuarine foraminifera from Marine Conservation Zones in South-West England: impact of metal pollution in a mining heritage area.

17:00-18:00 – Scott Simpson Lecture: Prof. Doug Stead [50mins+Q’s]
Applications of remote sensing, numerical modelling and mixed/virtual reality in engineering geology.