Geoscience in South-West England, previously Proceedings of the Ussher Society until Volume 9 Part 4 (1999), has been published annually since 1962-2017. It represents the most comprehensive multidisciplinary single source for geoscience research undertaken in South-West England and related areas over the last 55 years. The Journal is accepted for the database Scopus where content since 1979 is indexed. The content of all is freely available in pdf.

Content between 1958 and 1961 was published by the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall as Abstracts of the Proceedings of the Conference of Geologists and Geomorphologists in the South-West of England. The Proceedings of the Ussher Society was published annually from 1962 until 1999 and replaced by Geoscience in South-West England from 2000.

Thanks to the fabulous enterprise of Chis Cornford and his team at IGI Ltd, back issues from 1958 through to 2000 have been transformed in searchable pdf; full content of the Society’s journal, from 1962 to 2012, is now freely available to download from the tables of contents below.