ISSN 0566-3954

The distribution of halite (rock-salt) in the Mercia Mudstone Group (mid to late Triassic) in south-west England
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

Development of a risk-based approach to coastal slope instability assessment in Cornwall
B.M. Westgate, J.S. Coggan and R.J. Pine [pdf]

Geological and geotechnical aspects of a landslip in the Fremington Clay, North Devon
A. Cattell [pdf]

Monazite in polymetallic chlorite-(tourmaline)-quartz-(fluorite)-cassiterite-sulphide lodes and its potential for constraining the chronology of magmatic hydrothermal mineralisation in Cornwall
N.G. LeBoutillier, R.K. Shail and C. Jewson [pdf]

The digitisation and geological interpretation of data from the 1957-9 airborne radiometric survey of south-west England
S.F. Kimbell, D.C. Cooper and R.C. Scrivener [pdf]

Current world status of kaolin from south-west England
I.R. Wilson [pdf]

Baseline geochemistry of Devonian low-grade metasedimentary rocks in Cornwall: preliminary data and environmental significance
P.W Scott, K.S. Reid, R.K. Shail and R.C. Scrivener [pdf]

Triassic palaeo-pressure and Liassic mud volcanoes near Kilve, west Somerset
C. Cornford [pdf]

The search for a global stratotype section and point (GSSP) for the base of the Oxfordian stage
K. Page, M.B. Hart and M.J. Oxford [pdf]

The role of regional tectonics and magma flow coupling versus magmatic processes in generating contrasting magmatic fabrics within the Land’s End Granite, Cornwall
Z. Kratinova, K. Schulmann, F. Hrouda and R.K. Shail [pdf]

Abstracts of other posters / papers presented at the Annual Conference, January 2003 [pdf]