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The recent search for ore deposits in S.W. England (not published)
K. F. G. Hosking

Tectonic fluting structure
W. R. Dearman

On the significance of northward facing structures at Duckpool, near Bude in North Cornwall
W. R. Dearman

Rapakivi texture in the Dartmoor Granite
J. R. Hawkes

The origin of aplites and pegmatites (not published)
M. Stone

Some aspects of the geology of the Land’s End Granite (not published)
B. Booth

Problems of the geology of the Geological Survey One-inch Sheet Teignmouth (339)
S. Simpson

Frequency distribution of some elements in the granitic rocks of S.W. England
P. A. Floyd

The Petrockstow Basin, N. Devon
E. C. Freshney and P. J. Fleming

The origin of kaolinite clays of the Bovey and Petrockstow Basins (not published)
C. Bristow

The nature and significance of the potassium feldspar bearing veins of western Cornwall (not published)
K. F. G. Hosking

A conodont fauna from the Westphalian of North Devon
S. C. Matthews and L. J. Moore

New conodont horizons in S.W. England (not published)
R. L. Austin

Conodonts from Veryan Bay, Cornwall
J. C. Harvey

Some age determinations from Brittany and the Channel Islands (not published)
C. J. Adams

Structural aspects of the Padstow area, North Cornwall
G. A. Gauss

The Sandrock and other features of the cliffs at Mother Ivey’s Bay near Padstow
B. B. Clarke

Undescribed bodies of weak tidal current areas in the Celtic Sea
N. F. Kenyon

Possible drowned cliffs around the Celtic Sea (not published)
D. T. Donovan and A. H. B. Stride

The fabric of head deposits in South Devon
R. P. Kirby

The New Red Sandstone outlier of Hollacombe, W. Devon
M. Williams

Possible Permian sediments in South West Devon
C. J. R. Braithwaite