ISSN 0566-3954


The Scott Simpson Lecture

Sediment fluxes in the Bristol Channel

M.B. Collins [pdf]

Lakes and alluvial sandflat-playas in the Dartmouth Group, south-west England

S.A. Smith and B. Humphreys [pdf]

The distribution and significance of sedimentary apatite in Lower to Middle Devonian sediments east of Plymouth Sound

B. Humphreys and S.A. Smith [pdf]

Gramscatho-Mylor facies relationships; Hayle, south Cornwall

R.K. Shail [pdf]

Thrusts under Mount’s Bay and Plymouth Bay.

J.W.F. Edwards, G.A. Day and B.E. Leveridge [pdf]

The structural evolution of the Davidstow Anticline, and its relationship to the Southern Culm Overfold, north Cornwall

L.N. Warr [pdf]

A new model for the development of the Variscan facing confrontation at Padstow, north Cornwall

B. Durning [pdf]

Variscan regional metamorphism in north Devon and west Somerset

U. Kelm and D. Robinson [pdf]

Geochemistry of the Isles of Scilly pluton

M. Stone and C.S. Exley [pdf]

The albite-dolerites of Guernsey, Channel Islands

G.J. Lees, G. Rowbotham and R.A. Roach [pdf]

Late Cretaceous development of the Atlantic Continental Margin off south-west England

M.B. Hart and A. Duane [pdf]

Late Quaternary Foraminiferida from Plymouth Sound; preliminary investigation

A.P. Eddles and M. B. Hart [pdf]

Solution weathering of the Devonian limestones of Torbay

E.M. Lee and T.M. Dibb [pdf]


The Variscan foreland in South Wales

R. Gayer and J. Jones [pdf]

A new assemblage of palynomorphs from the low-grade Upper Devonian metamorphic rocks of east Cornwall

A. Dean [pdf]

A note on the mid-Cretaceous foraminifera from B.P. 93/2-1 South Celtic Sea Basin

P.N. Leary [pdf]

Organic protection of aragonite in Recent dune sands

J.R. Merefield [pdf]

Loess and head deposits in the Torbay area

J.S. Griffiths and E.M. Lee [pdf]

Groundwater in the Aylesbeare Group

J.C. Davey [pdf]

Classic landforms of the North Devon coast

P. Keene [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]

Abstracts of posters presented at the conference [pdf]