ISSN 2059-7339

Address of the Guest Speaker:
Post-magmatic processes in south-west England and Brittany
B. Charoy [pdf]

The Variscan Granites of south-west England: additional information
J. Dangerfield and J.R. Hawkes [pdf]

The application of experimental studies in determining the origin of topaz-quartz-tourmaline rock and tourmaline-quartz rock
D.A.C. Manning [pdf]

A tectonic `watershed’ of fundamental consequence in the post- Westphalian evolution of Cornubia
J.R. Hawkes [pdf]

Metamorphism and mineral chemistry of greenschists from Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall
D. Robinson and D. Read [pdf]

Pumpellyite – actinolite grade regional metamorphism in south Cornwall
R.P. Barnes and J.R. Andrews [pdf]

The Hercynian geology of Lydford Gorge, north-west Dartmoor, and its regional significance
K.P. Isaac [pdf]

Aspects of the structure of the Chillaton area, south-west Devonshire
P.J. Turner [pdf]

The Trekellend Thrust
I.J. Stewart [pdf]

Clay mineral assemblages of Namurian shales in Devon and Cornwall
P. Grainger and G. Witte [pdf]

Late Devonian and Lower Carboniferous conodonts from north Cornwall and their stratigraphical significance
I.J. Stewart [pdf]

The faunas of the Viverdon Down area, south-east Cornwall
M.J. Whiteley [pdf]

Geophysical studies across the Permian outcrop in central and east Devonshire
J.C. Davey [pdf]

Periglacial features in the Bovey Basin, south Devon
C.A. Jenkins and A. Vincent [pdf]

Spatial variation in beach sediments at Morte Bay, north Devon
J. Gerrard and M. Dawson [pdf]

Notes and Abstracts:

A coastal landslide at West Down Beacon, Budleigh Salterton, Devon
P.G. Kalaugher and P. Grainger [pdf]

Morphological imaging techniques and the presentation of large-scale erosional features of the Land’s End peninsula
M.W. Griffin and J.N. Gilmour [pdf]

Preliminary report on the diagenesis of the Lower New Red Sandstone deposits from the Colebrooke Borehole, Devon
A.J. Leonard [pdf]

Littoral carbonates of south-west England: preliminary observations on mineralogy and geochemistry
J.R. Merefield [pdf]

Evidence for Late Pleistocene environmental changes at Towan Beach, south Cornwall
H.C.L. James [pdf]

Pleistocene sections at Gerrans Bay, south Cornwall
H.C.L. James [pdf]

Palynology of the Lias, Brent Knoll, Somerset (Abstract)
G. Warrington [pdf]

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 5
G. Warrington [pdf]

Lower Devonian brachiopod faunas from within the Meneage melange, south Cornwall
K.M. Evans [pdf]

The use of Radon in streams as a guide to Uranium distribution in south-west England (Abstract)
M.J. Heath [pdf]

A whole rock Rb/Sr isochron for the Kennack Gneiss (Abstract)
M.T. Styles and C.C. Rundle [pdf]

Raised beach and mined fluvial deposits near Marazion, Cornwall
R.T. Taylor and K.E. Beer [pdf]

Economic geological map of south-west England
C. Nicholas [pdf]