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ISSN 2059-7339

Developments in economic geology in south-west England – a review of the 1970s
C. Nicholas

The Yes Tor Member of the Hangman Sandstone Group (North Devon)
I.P. Tunbridge

Stromatoporoid morphotypes of the Middle Devonian Torbay Reef Complex at Long Quarry Point, Devon
S. Kershaw and R. Riding

The Lyme Regis (1901) Borehole succession and its relationship to the Triassic sequence of the east Devon coast
G. Warrington and R.C. Scrivener

Superposed folding at Rosemullion in south-west Cornwall
W.R. Dearman, B.E. Leveridge, R.P. Rattey and D.J. Sanderson

Deformation in south-west Cornwall
R.P. Rattey

Late magmatic phenomena in the Cornish batholith – useful field guides for tin mineralisation
J.P.N Badham

Ore genesis and controls of mineralization in the Upper Palaeozoic rocks of north Devon
R.C Scrivener and M.J. Bennett

Field relations and geochemistry of the foliated granitic sheets of Sark, Channel Islands
G.M. Power and W. Gibbons

Primary and secondary chemical variation exhibited by some west Cornish volcanic rocks
P.A. Floyd and A.H. Al-Samman

The distribution of lithium in the St Austell Granite
J. Dangerfield, J.R. Hawkes and E.C. Hunt

Radioactive disequilibrium in uranium-bearing nodules from the New Red Sandstone (Permian-Triassic) of Budleigh Salterton, Devon
E.M. Durrance, R.E. Meads, R.K. Brindley and A.G.W. Stark

Notes and Abstracts:

Note on a fossiliferous Meadfoot Group locality at Punch’s Cross, Polruan, Cornwall
M. Evans

Palynological studies of Triassic rocks in central Somerset (Abstract)
G. Warrington

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement
G. Warrington

Heavy minerals in the Upper Albian/ Lower Cenomanian
P.J. Loveland

An early Flandrian sea-level in the Severn Estuary
Gilbertson and A.B. Hawkins

Geomorphology of the Camel Valley and Estuary (Abstract)
B.B. Clarke

A preliminary report on the use of terrestrial photogrammetry in the study of rock slopes in Cornwall
K. Atkinson and P.C. Stethridge