ISSN 0566-3954


The Scott Simpson Lecture

Isotopic dating of ore deposits — applications and Case Studies
Professor R.R. Parrish [pdf]

Hettangian to Sinemurian (Lower Jurassic) sea-level changes and palaeoenvironments: evidence from foraminifera at East Quantoxhead, West Somerset, UK
M.D. Hylton [pdf]

Hettangian to Sinemurian ostracod faunas from East Quantoxhead, west Somerset
M.B. Hart and M.D. Hylton [pdf]

Isotopic variation in late Cenomanian to early Turonian foraminifera and matrix from DSDP site 551 (Goban Spur, Northeast Atlantic)
G.D. Price and B.W. Sellwood [pdf]

Fractal analysis of joint spacing and landform features on the Dartmoor Granite
A.J. Gerrard and J. Ehlen [pdf]

The St. Erth Formation: History of the clay workings, geological setting and stratigraphy
L. Roe, M.B. Hart, G.K. Taylor and A. Marks [pdf]

Kaolinisation, mineralisation and structures in biotite granite at Bodelva, St. Austell, Cornwall
S. Mueller, P.W. Scott and M.J. Evans [pdf]

Multi-proxy analysis of a late Holocene sediment core from Swanpool, Falmouth, Cornwall
D.N. Henon, N.M. Matthews, P.E. O’Sullivan, L. Slater, T.S.C. Williams, M.J. Nicholson and A. Morris [pdf]

Early diagenetic sulphide minerals in the Hayle Estuary, Cornwall
D. Pirrie, A.J. Beer and G.S. Camm [pdf]

Emplacement styles within the Land’s End Granite, west Cornwall
T. Powell, S. Salmon, A.H. Clark and R.K. Shail [pdf]

Lead isotopes in cassiterite:- some preliminary experiments and their geoarchaeological significance
R.E. Clayton and I. Rojkovic [pdf]

Soil gas geochemistry as an investigative tool in south-west England
G. A. Duddridge [pdf]

Geoconservation in Devon – the developing infrastructure
K. N. Page [pdf]

Reprint of paper read at the 1998 conferenece

High velocity layer beneath seismic ‘reflector x’ in the Bristol Channel may be Carboniferous Limestone: implications for a possible Exmoor-Cannington Park Thrust
N.J.P. Smith, J.D. Cornwell, S. Holloway and R.A. Edwards [pdf]


The ‘Submerged Forest’ palaeosols of Cornwall
C.N. French [pdf]

Tin Mineralization and Structure at Treliver, St. Austell, mid-Cornwall
G.S. Camm and S.C. Dominy [pdf]

Notes of poster displays

Praa sands – a realistic approach to geological conservation of a Cornish Quaternary coastal section
P.J. Ealey [pdf]

Quaternary exposures in Whitsand Bay, south-east Cornwall: Downderry and Wiggle Cliff
M.F.A. Furze [pdf]

Late Cenozoic Outliers in west Cornwall
G.S. Camm and H.C.L. James [pdf]

Lead isotope variation in tin roll ingots: detecting surficial contamination using step leaching
R.E. Clayton [pdf]

Field Excursion

Field Excursion to examine the granites in the area between Cape Cornwall and Porth Nanven, West Penwith, 3rd January 1999
S. Salmon and R.K. Shail [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers and posters presented at the conference [pdf]