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ISSN 2059-7339

Cornubian Quarter-century: Advances in the geology of south-west England 1960-1985
D.L. Dineley

The Scott Simpson Lecture
The deep geological structure and evolution of southern Britain.
A. Whittaker

Are Jurassic sedimentary microrhythms due to orbital forcing?
M.R. House

A high diversity ostracod fauna of late Pliocene age from St. Erth, south Cornwall
C. Maybury and R. Whatley

Kaolinisation and isostatic readjustment in southwest England
E.M. Durrance and C.M. Bristow

Interaction between co-existing magmas: field evidence from the Cobo Granite and the Bordeaux Diorite Complex, north-west Guernsey, Channel Islands
R.S. D’Lemos

Tin and tungsten in pelitic rocks from S.W. England and their behaviour in contact zones of granites in mineralised areas
K.E. Beer and T.K. Ball

Mineralogy and illite crystallinity of the pelitic Devonian and Carboniferous strata of north Devon and western Somerset.
U. Kelm

The Fort de la Latte Complex: late Pentevrian plutonism in Penthievre, Brittany.
M. M. Shufflebotham

Geochemical features of Permian rift volcanism-a comparison of Cornubian and Oslo basic volcanics.
S.C. Grimmer and P.A. Floyd

The Bristol Channel Graben: organic geochemical limits on subsidence and speculation on the origin of inversion.
C. Cornford

The late Triassic succession in central and eastern Somerset
G. Warrington, A. Whittaker and R.C. Scrivener

The Jersey Main Dyke Swarm, Jersey, Channel Islands
G.J. Lees

The geological significance of some geophysical anomalies in western Somerset
J.D. Cornwell

Soil gas surveying at Whitchurch Down, near Tavistock, Devon: an integrated approach to vein and fracture mapping
R.G. Gregory, E.M. Durrance and C.R. Mitchell

Geochemical evolution of the Land’s End granite (south-west England) in relation to its tin potential in the light of data from western marginal areas
G. van Marcke de Lummen

The geochemistry of the foliated granitic rocks of Alderney, Channel Islands
T.S. Brewer and G.M. Power

Ore genesis at Wheal Pendarves and South Crofty Mine, Cornwall- a preliminary fluid inclusion study
R.C. Scrivener, T.J. Shepherd and N. Garrioch

Notes and Abstracts

‘Lake Bude’ (early Westphalian, S.W. England): storm dominated siliclastic shelf sedimentation in an equatorial lake
R. Higgs

Observations on the Padstow Confrontation, north Cornwall (Abstract)
E.B. Selwood and J.M. Thomas

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 10
G. Warrington

Lithological and geochemical characteristics of some Gramscatho turbidites, south Cornwall (Abstract)
P.A. Floyd And B.E. Leveridge