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ISSN 2059-7339

Olistromic breccias at the Mylor/Gramscatho boundary, south Cornwall
B.E. Leveridge and M.T. Holder

Structural history of the Devonian rocks south of Liskeard, East Cornwall
P.W.G. Tanner

Structural and sedimentary evidence for the early tectonic history of the Bude and Crackington Formations, north Cornwall and Devon.
M.A. Enfield, J.R. Gillcrist, S.N. Palmer and J.S. Whalley

A possible major Variscan thrust along the southern margin of the Bude Formation, south-west England.
E.M. Durrance

An alternative model for the structure of north Cornwall – a statement.
E.B. Selwood and J.M. Thomas

Oceanic anoxic event 2 on-shore and off-shore S.W. England
M.B. Hart

Pelagic brachiopods from the Upper Devonian of East Cornwall.
C.J. Burton and G. B. Curry

A review of the geological relationships between the Brioverian supergroup and Palaeozoic red beds around the Baie de Saint Brieuc, Brittany, in the light of illite crystallinity studies.
M.M. Shufflebotham and R.A. Roach

Lower Devonian acid igneous rocks of south Devon: Implications for Variscan plate tectonics
E.M. Durrance

Mineralogy and geochemistry of skarn deposits in the Land’s End aureole, Cornwall
G. van Marcke de Lummen

The pressure-temperature history of the Tintagel district, Cornwall: metamorphic evidence on the tectonic evolution of the area
T.J. Primmer

Discussion on the possible contribution of metamorphic water to the mineralizing fluid of south-west England: preliminary stable isotope evidence
T.J. Primmer

The origin of sillimanite – bearing pelitic xenoliths within the Carnmenellis pluton, Cornwall
N.L. Jefferies

Temperature characteristics of Devon rivers
B.W. Webb And D.E. Walling

Landslide activity atthe Pinhay water source, Lyme Regis
P. Grainger, C.D.N. Tubb, and A.P.M. Neilson

Stratigraphy and structure of the Plymouth – Plymstock area: a preliminary revision
P. Chandler and G.J.H. McCall

Stratiform copper deposits in mid-Devon: soil gas geochemistry as an exploration method
R.G. Gregory and E.M. Durrance

Notes and Abstracts

Observations on certain large scale geomorphological features in south-west England.
A. Straw

The tabulate corals and Devonian world palaegeography
K. B. Goodger

Skew log Laplace distributions and environmental discrimination from particle size data at the Dawlish Warren coastal spit-dune complex
N.R.J. Fieller and D.D. Gilbertson

Mineralization at the southern margin of the Creditors Trough, near Exeter, Devon (Abstract)
R.C. Scrivener, B.V. Cooper, E.M. Durrance and S. Mehta

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 9
G. Warrington