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ISSN 2059-7339

Variscan-Caledonian comparisons: late orogenic granites
J. Watson, M.B. Fowler, J.A. Plant and P.R. Simpson

Sequence of coralline faunas and depositional environments in the Middle Devonian Daddyhole Limestone Formation stratotype section, Torquay, Devon
K. G. Goodger, A. Buglass and C. T. Strutton

Ceriopora ramulosa (MICHELIN); an aberrant bryozoan from the Cenomanian of S.E. Devonshire
M.B. Hart and K. Johnson

Late Triassic palynomorph records from Somerset
G. Warrington

The radioactive accessory mineral assemblage of the Carnmenellis Granite, Cornwall.
N.L. Jefferies

Emplacement-of the Porthmeor granite pluton, West Cornwall
M. Stone and C.S. Exley

Xenolith assimilation in the granites of south-west England
C.J. Lister

Field relationships within the South-west Jersey Granite Complex
A.M. Bland

Hercynian high-angle fault zones between Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor
P.J. Turner

The stratigraphy and structure of the Lower New Red Sandstone of the Exeter district
C.R. Bristow and R.C. Scrivener

A reinterpretation of the Meldon Anticline in the Belstone area
E.B. Selwood and J.M. Thomas

The North Curry Sandstone Member (late Triassic) near Taunton, Somerset
G. Warrington and B.J. Williams

Possible wave-influenced sedimentary structures in the Bude Formation (Lower Westphalian, south-west England), and their environmental implications
R. Higgs

Diagenetic modifications of primary sedimentological fabric in the Westbury Formation (Upper Triassic) of St. Audrie’s Bay, north Somerset
J.H.S. Macquaker

The Blue Anchor Formation (late Triassic) in Somerset
G. Warrington and A. Whittaker

Uranium in the New Red Sandstone of south-east Devon
E.M. Durrance

A gravity survey of the Polyphant Ultrabasic Complex, East Cornwall
P. Chandler, R.F. Davey, E.M. Durrance and R.J. Jady

Garnetiferous phosphatic nodules within the upper Devonian-Carboniferous Transition Group, near Boscastle, north Cornwall.
D.S. Andrews and G.M. Power

The Pleistocene Chadbrick River gravels of the Cary Valley, Somerset: Amino-acid racemisation and molluscan studies
C.O. Hunt, D.D. Gilbertson and N.M. Thew

Structural models of the geology of the north Cornwall coast; a discussion
E.B. Selwood and J.M. Thomas

Shallow-water Dinantian sediments in south-east Cornwall
M.J. Whiteley

Notes and Abstracts

Compositional variation in the lithium micas. (Abstract)
J. S. Martin

Note on an Early Devonian fossil locality on the Dart Estuary, south Devon
K.M. Evans

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 8.
G. Warrington