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ISSN 2059-7339

A general view of the structure of Cornubia
W. R. Dearman

Structures along the southern margin of the Culm synclinorium, north-west of Dartmoor
E. B. Selwood

The Structures of Mid-Devon and North Cornwall
E. C. Freshney and R. T. Taylor

The Variscan structure of North Devon
S. Simpson

Form and structure of the granites of South West England
M. Stone

En-echelon veins in folds near Hartland, Devon (Abstract)
P. L. Hancock

Early formed structures between Port Isaac and Tintagel, Cornwall (Abstract)
D. M. Hobson

Deformation analysis on the North Devon coast (Abstract)
K. Jeffery

Superposed folding at the northern margin of the Gramscatho and Mylor Beds, Perranporth, Cornwall
D. J. Sanderson

Evidence bearing on the stratigraphical successions in South Cornwall
E. M. L. Hendricks, M. R. House and F. H. T. Rhodes

Successions at the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary between Boscastle and Dartmoor
E. B. Selwood

Correlation in the Upper Carboniferous Bude Formation, North Cornwall
A. F. King

The Upper Carboniferous rocks of Devon and North Cornwall
R. V. Burne and L. J. Moore

The Quaternary section at Port Mear Cove (Abstract)
B. B. Clarke

The buried channel of the Teign estuary
E. M. Durrance

Palynology of the New Red Sandstone sequence of the South Devon coast
G. Warrington

Micropalaeontological evidence of mid-Cenomanian flexuring in South West England
M. B. Hart

Mineralisation in the North Molton area (Abstract)
S. M. Akehurst, J. Rottenbury and R. F. Youell

Cassiterite in the Aller Gravels near Newton Abbot
R. C. Scrivenor and K. E. Beer

Hedenbergite and sphalerite from the Perran iron lode, Cornwall
S. Henley

Geochemistry of the Permian igneous rocks of Devon (Abstract)
M. E. Cosgrove

Temperature distribution in the Land’s End granite aureole, Cornwall
P. A. Floyd

The Hingston Down-Gunnislake granite, Cornwall (Abstract)
G. R. Ward

The greenstones of S.W. England and their possible tectonic significance (Abstract)
J. R. Hawkes