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ISSN 2059-7339

Transgression of the Cretaceous sea in South-West England.
J. M. Hancock

The Cretaceous structure of Great Haldon (Abstract)
E. M. Durrance and R. J. O. Hamblin

The structure of the southern margin of the Bovey Basin (Abstract)
C. M. Bristow and D. E. Hughes

Preliminary results of the mapping of the Bovey Basin (Abstract)
R. A. Edwards

A new interpretation of the Pleistocene succession in the Bristol Channel area (Abstract)
D. Q. Bowen

Post glacial sea level changes in the Bristol Channel (Abstract)
A. B. Hawkins

The problem of the nature, origin and stratigraphical position of the Trebetherick boulder gravel.
B. B. Clarke

The structure of Dawlish Warren.
E. M. Durrance

Corals and stromatoporoids from the Chudleigh Limestone.
C. T. Scrutton

Preliminary results from a borehole in Carboniferous and Devonian sediments near Newton Abbot (Abstract)
B. W. Riddolls

Preliminary report on the Wilsey Down Borehole, North Cornwall (Abstract)
E. C. Freshney

The geology of the Staddon Coast (Abstract)
G. M. Gathercole

Aspects of sedimentology of the Dartmouth and Meadfoot Beds near Fowey, South Cornwall (Abstract).
P. H. Bridges

Observations on the deposition of the Bude Sandstones (Abstract)
R. V. Burne

Limulid undertracks and their sedimentological implications in the Bude Sandstone (Abstract)
R. Goldring

The sedimentological history of the Padstow area, North Cornwall (Abstract)
M. Tucker

Facies interpretations in the New Red Sandstone, S.W. England (Abstract)
D. J. C. Laming

Tergiversate folds from South-West England.
W. R. Dearman

On the association of upright and recumbent folds on the southern margin of the Carboniferous synclinorium of Devonshire and North Cornwall.
W. R. Dearman

Superposed cleavages in the Middle Devonian slates at Booby’s Bay, Padstow, North Cornwall (Abstract)
W. R. Dearman

Unroofing of the Dartmoor granite and possible consequences with regard to mineralisation.
J. Dangerfield and J. R. Hawkes

The cordierite-cummingtonite-anthophyllite-rocks of Land’s End.
J. R. Hawkes

The geochemistry of the Cligga granite.
A. Hall