ISSN 0566-3954

The geology of the hot springs at Bath Spa, Somerset
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

The stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Dunscombe Mudstone Formation (late Triassic)
of south-west England
R.W. Gallois and R.J. Porter [pdf]

Beyond the caves: The Palaeolithic rivers of South-West Britain
R.T. Hosfield, A.G. Brown, L.S. Basell and S. Hounsell [pdf]

Devonian rift-related sedimentation and Variscan tectonics – new data on the Looe and
Gramscatho basins from the resurvey of the Newquay District
L.M. Hollick, R.K. Shail and B.E. Leveridge [pdf]

Microfossils from the Wootton Bassett Mud Springs (Wiltshire, UK)
M.B. Hart, A.S. Henderson, T. Frayling and T. Adair [pdf]

The evolution of the rivers of east Devon and south Somerset, UK
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

Peter Orlando Hutchinson (1810-1897) and the geology of Sidmouth
J.D. Mather and R.F. Symes [pdf]

Geothermic Variscan front defined from oil drilling in the Porcupine Trough,
offshore West Ireland
C. Cornford [pdf]

Textural features of South-West England granites: A reinterpretation
J. Cobbing and M. Clarke [pdf]

The Cornubian dinosaur project
G.A. Neighbour [pdf]

New uses for former mineral workings in Somerset
H.C. Prudden [pdf]

The Wheal Martyn “Boulder Park” and its role in geological conservation
C.M. Bristow [pdf]

Nature and origin of the Great Perran Iron Lode, Perranporth area, Cornwall
R.C. Scrivener, J.B. Grant, L.M. Hollick and C.W. Smith [pdf]

JANUARY 2006 [pdf]