ISSN 0566-3954


The Scott Simpson Lecture

The Triassic reptiles from Devon.
M.J. Benton [pdf]

The Lyme Regis Borehole, Dorset – palynology of the Mercia Mudstone, Penarth and Lias groups (Upper Triassic -Lower Jurassic)
G. Warrington [pdf]

The application of micropalaeontology to sequence stratigraphy; an example from the Chalk succession of south-west England.
M.B. Hart [pdf]

A re-examination of the valley-fill deposits at West Angle Bay, Pembrokeshire
C.R. Morey [pdf]

The development of loess-bearing soil profiles on Permian breccias in Torbay
A.C. Cattell [pdf]

Pleistocene interglacial sea-levels on the island of Alderney, Channel Islands
H.C.L. James [pdf]

Evidence for Last Glacial periglacial activity in Alderney
H.C.L. James and P. Worsley [pdf]

The Petrography of the Fremington Dyke.
C.L. Roberts [pdf]

Alteration and vein mineralisation within the Lizard complex, south Cornwall: constraints on the timing of serpentinisation.
M.R. Power, R.K. Shail, A.C. Alexander and P.W. Scott [pdf]

A comparison between the China Clay deposits of China and Cornwall
I.R. Wilson, C. Halls and B. Spiro [pdf]

Evaluation of kaolinite-containing clay as a potential mineral liner for landfill leachate containment
S. Elliott and D.C. Watkins [pdf]


Geological conservation in Devon.
R.T. Taylor and P. Grainger [pdf]

Notes of poster displays

A Geochemical dichotomy in the Cornubian Batholith.
M. Stone [pdf]

Metasediment-hosted tin mineralization in the Indian Queens area, mid-Cornwall.
G.S. Camm and S.C. Dominy [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]

Abstracts of posters presented at the conference [pdf]