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The origin of the clay minerals in soils
R. C. Mackenzie

The petrochemistry of kaolinite formation in Gwavas quarry, Newlyn, Cornwall
P. Floyd

The spectrographic analysis of small quantities of tourmaline from S.W. England ; a preliminary report
G. M. Power

Some structural features of the Bodmin Moor granite mass
C. S. Exley

A geophysical survey of cavities in a Devonian limestone at Buckfastleigh
C. M. Bristow

Some aspects of the petrochemistry of the Land’s End granites
B. Booth

A newly discovered emanative centre associated with the Dartmoor granite
W. R. Dearman and M. A. H. El Sharkawi

The Hangman Grits – an introduction and stratigraphy
R. Lane

Preliminary results of recent research on the geology and structure of Western Brittany
A. C. Bishop, J. D. Brawshaw, J. T. Renouf and R. T. Taylor

Time of implacement of dykes in Bigbury Bay
S. Simpson

Repeated folding between Hayle and Portreath
M. A. P. Smith

Recent finds in the Upper Carboniferous of Bude and Westward Ho! and their significance (not published)
H. G. Reading

The Bude Sandstones from Bude to Widemouth, North Cornwall
J. P. B. Lovell

Structural studies between Holywell Bay and Dinas Head, North Cornwall
M. J. Ripley

Low-angle faulting in the Boscastle area
E. C. Freshney

The significance of certain major, minor, and trace element patterns in the stream sediments of the Carnmenellis granite mass (not published)
K. F. G. Hosking

A possible re-interpretation of the structure of the Plymouth Limestone
C. J. R. Braithwaite

The relationship between iron metasomatism and emanative centres on Dartmoor
W. R. Dearman and M. A. H. Sharkawi

Chemical characteristics of the cement of the Gwithian raised beach and of certain deposition pipes of the St. Agnes Pliocene deposits (not published)
K. F. G. Hosking

The ages of some coral faunas in the Torquay district
C. T. Scrutton

Observations on the vulcanicity and tectonics of the Torquay area
D. Richter

The Pleistocene deposits of the Scilly Isles
G. F. Mitchell and A. R. Orme

The upper and lower surfaces, and some structural features of the frost soils of the Camel Estuary
B. B. Clarke

A preliminary report on the petrology of Middle Devonian limestones in South Devon
C. J. R. Braithwaite

Bismuth and Molybdenite from Meldon Quarry, near Okehampton, Devon
W. R. Dearman


Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses submitted since 1950 on the geology of Devon and Cornwall”.
S. Simpson

Map showing geological research in S.W.England – 1965
W. R. Dearman