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The Scott Simpson Lecture

A comparison of the Krušné hory-Erzebirge (Czech Republic – Germany) and (UK) granites and their related mineralization
M. Štemprok [pdf]

Kaolin deposits of the Czech Republic and some comparisons with south-west England
I.R. Wilson and J. Jiranek [pdf]

Columnar, branching and curved feldspar growth in the St. Michael’s Mount granite, Cornwall
G.E.A. Jackson and G.M. Power [pdf]

A review of tin stockwork mineralization in the south west England orefield
S.C. Dominy, G.S. Camm, M.A. Bussell, R.C. Scrivener and C. Halls [pdf]

The structure and paragenetic evolution of cassiterite mineralized veins at Rosevale mine, Zennor, west Cornwall
S.C. Dominy, G.S. Camm, M.A. Bussell and T.S. Bennett [pdf]

The main Dartmoor granites: Petrogenesis and comparisons with the Carnmenellis and Isles of Scilly granites
M. Stone [pdf]

The composition of accessory mineral phases with possible petrogenetic implications for the Hercynian granites of north-west Finistère, Brittany, France
J.A. Jennings and G. Rowbotham [pdf]

Talc-carbonate alteration of some basic and ultrabasic intrusions in Cornwall
M.R. Power and P.W. Scott [pdf]

Late Variscan structures on the coast between Perranporth and St. Ives, Cornwall
A.C. Alexander and R.K. Shail [pdf]

A reconnaissance study of very low-grade metamorphism in south Devon
L.N. Warr [pdf]

Strain and scaling relationships of faults and veins at Kilve, Somerset
M.O ‘N. Bowyer and P.G. Kelly [pdf]

Tidal influence on the intermittent surging movements of a coastal mudslide
P.G. Kalaugher, P. Grainger and R.L.P. Hodgson [pdf]

Renewed landslide activity at Pinhay, Lyme Regis
P. Grainger and P.G. Kalaugher [pdf]

The late Triassic-early Jurassic succession at Selworthy, west Somerset, England
G. Warrington, H.C. Ivimey-Cook, R.A. Edwards and A. Whittaker [pdf]

Kimmeridgian palaeoenvironments; A micropalaeontological perspective
M.B. Hart and M.E.J. Fitzpatrick [pdf]

Raised beaches of west Cornwall and their evolving geochronology
H.C.L. James [pdf]

The geological and geotechnical properties of earth material from central Devon in relation to its suitability for building in ‘cob’
R. Harries, B. Saxton and K. Coventry [pdf]


Duporthite: A mixture of talc and chlorite
P.W. Scott and M. Power [pdf]

East Quantoxhead, Somerset, England; A potential global stratotype section and point (GSSP) for the base of the Simenurian stage (Lower Jurassic)
K.N. Page [pdf]

Joseph Henry Collins 1841-1916; Cornwall’s greatest geologist?
C.M. Bristow [pdf]

Surface subsidence in Somerset, Dorset and Devon
H.C. Prudden [pdf]

Field excursions

Field excursion to the Fal valley, in the western part of the St Austell granite, 4th January 1995
C.M. Bristow and J.H.Howe [pdf]

Field excursion to study Meadfoot Group sedimentation, magmatism and tectonics, 4th January 1995
R.K.Shail [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]

Abstracts of posters presented at the conference [pdf]