ISSN 0566-3954


The Scott Simpson Lecture

Landslides of the Dorset coast: some unresolved questions
D. Brunsden [pdf]

The relation between coastal landslide activity at Pinhay, east Devon and rainfall and groundwater levels
P. Grainger, P.G. Kalaugher and S. Kirk [pdf]

Photographic monitoring of cliff recession at Watchet, Somerset
P.G. Kalaugher and P. Grainger [pdf]

Coastal mapping and data sources in south-west England
N.W.T. Chisholm [pdf]

Morphological changes at Braunton Burrows, north-west Devon
N.W.T. Chisholm [pdf]

Microfacies Analysis and metre-scale cyclicity in the Givetian back-reef sediments of south-east Devon.
J. Garland, M.E. Tucker and S.C. Scrutton [pdf]

The sedimentology and biostratigraphy of a temporary exposure of Blackdown Greensand (Lower Cretaceous, Upper Albian) at Blackborough, Devon
M.A. Woods and N.S. Jones [pdf]

Computer aided analysis of x-ray images in mudstone concretions from Budleigh Salterton, Devon
A.J. Kemp, S.J. Powell, M.R. Palmer and K. V. Ragnarsdottir [pdf]

Observations on the succession of ammonite faunas in the Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) of south-west England, and their correlation with Sub-Mediterranean ‘Standard Zonation’
K.N. Page [pdf]

The ecological and palaeoecological implications of the presence and absence of data: evidence from Benthic forminifera
S.J. Stubbles, J.C. Green, M.B. Hart and C.L. Williams [pdf]

A re-interpretation of the internal structure of the Lizard complex ophiolite, south Cornwall.
M.R. Power, A.C. Alexander, R.K. Shail and P.W. Scott [pdf]

A thermal anomaly associated with the Rusey Fault and its implications for fluid movements
J.R. Andrews, J. Day and J.E.A. Marshall [pdf]

Late- to post-Variscan structures on the coast between Penzance and Pentewan, south Cornwall
A.C. Alexander and R.K. Shail [pdf]

The middle Devonian Kacák event
M.R. House [pdf]

Petrological features of the Bodmin Moor granite, Cornwall
C.S. Exley [pdf]

The quantitative mineralogy of ceramic grade kaolin from the St Austell Granite and its relationship to chemistry and physical properties
P.W. Scott, F.W. Hart and D. Smith [pdf]

Characteristics and development of carbona-style replacement tin mineralization in west Cornwall
S.C. Dominy, G.S. Camm and M.A. Bussell [pdf]

Mixing between granite magmas: evidence from the south-west Granite Complex of Jersey
J. W. Pembroke and R.S. D’Lemos [pdf]

Cylindrical granodiorite pipes in the Sorel Point igneous complex, Jersey, Channel Islands
S. Salmon [pdf]

Coexisting acid and basic magmas of the Elizabeth Castle igneous complex, Jersey, Channel Islands.
R.A. Shortland, S. Salmon, G. Rowbotham and P.F. Regan [pdf]


Geometry and development of vein systems in the Plymouth Limestone
D.C.P. Peacock [pdf]

The connection between the Decoy and Bovey Basins
A.C. Cattell [pdf]

Note of poster displays

The structural and regional setting of rocks of the Rusey Headland
E. Thompson and J.W. Cosgrove [pdf]

Is there gold mineralization associated with the Carrick Thrust?
G.S. Camm, R.K. Shail, S.T. Parkinson and L.G. Sear [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]