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A comparison of the Andean Batholith in Peru with granites from the Southeast Asian Tin Belt
E.J. Cobbing

Chronology of magmatism in south-west England: the minor intrusions
D.P.F. Darbyshire and T.J. Shepherd

Petrological features of the Land’s End Granites
B. Booth and C.S. Exley

Multiple intrusions and pervasive hydrothermal alteration in the St. Austell Granite, Cornwall
P.I. Hill and D.A.C. Manning

Geochemistry and origin of the Carmenellis pluton, Cornwall: further considerations
M. Stone

Initial vitrinite reflectance results from the Carboniferous of north Devon and north Cornwall
C. Cornford, L. Yarnell and D.G. Murchison

The Pre-Devonian geology of south-west England
J.C.W. Cope

Sequence of coralline faunas and depositional environments in the Devonian carbonate succession of the Lemon Valley, near Newton Abbot, South Devon
C.T. Scrutton and K.B. Goodger

Orbitally induced cycles in the Mesozoic sediments of S.W. England
M.B. Hart

Role of basinal brines in the genesis of polymetallic vein deposits, Kit Hill – Gunnislake area, SW England
T.J. Shepherd and R.C. Scrivener

The evolution of the Northern Igneous Complex of Guernsey, Channel Islands – some isotopic evidence
R.S. D’Lemos

The Vazon Dyke Swarm, Guernsey, Channel Islands
G.J. Lees and R.A. Roach

Some relationships within the igneous complex at Sorel Point, Jersey: metasomatism or magma-magma interaction?
S. Salmon

Cliff-top recession related to the development of coastal landsliding west of Budleigh Salterton, Devon
P. Grainger and P.G. Kalaugher

Geochemistry of the Tintagel Volcanic Formation
D. Robinson and D. Sexton

Heavy metals in Teign Valley sediments: ten years after
J.R. Merefield

Trace elements in soils around the Hemerdon tungsten deposit, Devon: implications for exploration
M.J. Andrews, T.K. Ball, R. Fuge, R.A. Nicholson and D. Peachey

The Otterton Trough: implications of groundwater helium data
R.G. Gregory and E.M. Durrance

A mechanistic approach to the paragenetic interpretation of mineral lodes in Cornwall
C. Halls


Helium and radon transport mechanisms, heat flow and hydrothermal circulation in SW England
E.M. Durrance and R.G. Gregory

Notes on the distribution of Sarsen Stones in South Somerset and West Dorset
H.C. Prudden

Mineralogy and paragenesis of the Haytor iron ore deposit
R.C. Scrivener, B.V. Cooper and M.C. George

Late Pleistocene and Holocene radiocarbon dates from the Penzance district, Cornwall
R.T. Taylor and A.J.J. Goode