ISSN 0566-3954

The Scott Simpson Lecture
Mine water pollution from Kernow to Kwazulu-Natal: geochemical remedial options and their selection in practice
P.L. Younger [pdf]

Devonian (Frasnian) goniatites from Waterside Cove and Staverton Wood, South Devon
M.R. House [pdf]

Devonian (Givetian) goniatites from Wolborough, Barton and Lummaton, South Devon
M.R. House [pdf]

A review of the ammonite faunas and standard zonation of the Hettangian and Lower Sinemurian succession (Lower Jurassic) of the east Devon coast (south west England)
K.N. Page [pdf]

Correlation of the Campanian/Maastrichtian boundary in N.W. Europe; can the foraminifera from the Goban Spur provide some answers ?
M.B. Hart and K.C. Aplin [pdf]

Tourmaline-quartz-cassiterite mineralization of the Land’s End Granite at Nanjizal, west Cornwall
N.G. LeBoutillier, G.S. Camm, R.K. Shail, A.V. Bromley, C. Jewson and N. Hoppe [pdf]

The distribution of trace metal pollutants within intertidal sediments of the Tamar Estuary, SW England
G.D. Price [pdf]

Impact of mining on the sediment geochemistry and mineralogy of the Helford River, Cornwall
D. Pirrie, M.R. Power, G. Rollinson, A.B. Cundy and D.C. Watkins [pdf]

The age of house facades in Jersey, Channel Islands, from masonry style and rock type with other observations on rocks used and their sources
J.T. Renouf [pdf]

Wheal Jane: soil geochemistry revisited
C.J. Moon [pdf]

The spatial distribution of arsenic in east Cornwall: geological and anthropogenic signatures
C.J. Moon [pdf]

Aspects of the lithogeochemistry of arsenic, antimony and bismuth in south west England
T.K. Ball, N.J. Fortey and K.E. Beer [pdf]

Investigation of contaminated land at a former sewage treatment works, its remediation and return to public open-space, Exeter, Devon
J.R. Merefield and D.P. Roche [pdf]

A comparison of kaolin from Nova Scotia and south-west England
I.R. Wilson [pdf]

Building stones in Somerset
H.C. Prudden [pdf]

Field excursions

Field excursion to study aspects of the St. Austell Granite and its related kaolinization and other mineralization, January, 2002
P.W. Scott and C.M. Bristow [pdf]

Field excursion to the area of St. Austell Bay between Carlyon Bay and Par, 2nd January, 2002
C.M. Bristow and H.C.L. James [pdf]

Abstracts of other posters / papers presented at the Annual Conference, January 2002 [pdf]