ISSN 0566-3954


The Scott Simpson Lecture

A comparison of stratigraphy, structure and palaeogeography of the south Portuguese zone and south-west England, European Variscides
J.T. Oliviera and C. Quesada [pdf]

Carboniferous goniatites, tectonic structure and stratigraphy in Bonhay Road, Exeter, Devonshire
N.E. Butcher and F. Hodson [pdf]

Variation in the fine-grained granites of the Land’s End pluton
S. Salmon and T. Powell [pdf]

Columbite-tantalite, rutile and other accessory minerals from the St Austell topaz granite, Cornwall
P.W. Scott, R.D. Pascoe and F.W. Hart [pdf]

Alkali Metasomatism from Cornubian granite cupolas
T.K. Ball, N.J. Fortey and K.E. Beer [pdf]

Relic primary features of the spinel-bearing dunites of the primary assemblage peridotite, the Lizard, Cornwall
A.T.V.Rothstein [pdf]

The tectonic evolution of peridotites in the Lizard Ophiolite Complex, south-west England
C.A. Cook, R.E. Holdsworth and M. T. Styles [pdf]

Carbonate cements constrain the burial history of the Portledge-Peppercombe Permian outlier, North Devon
S.D. Burley and C. Cornford [pdf]

A preliminary analysis of the foraminifera from the Hettangian – Sinemurian boundary of East Quantoxhead, West Somerset
M.D. Hylton [pdf]

The development of high plasticity clay soils through weathering of Devonian slates in south Devon
A.C. Cattell [pdf]

Kaolin deposits of western Iberia
I.R. Wilson [pdf]

Geochemical fingerprinting of west Cornish greenstones as an aid to provenancing neolithic axes
M. Markham and P.A. Floyd [pdf]

Temporal variation in soil gas composition in relation to seismicity in south-west England
G.A. Duddridge and P. Grainger [pdf]

The base of the Jurassic system in west Somerset, south-west England – new observations on the succession of ammonite faunas of the lowest hettangian stage
K.N. Page and G. Bloos [pdf]

Paper submitted to the Society in 1998

Correlation of the middle-upper Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) succession between Bath and Sherborne
R.J. Wyatt [pdf]

Reply to R.J. Wyatt’s paper

Ammonite faunas and correlations in south-west England: reply to Wyatt (1998)
K.N. Page [pdf]

Paper read at the 1997 conference

Controls on ore localization in tin-bearing veins: a review
S.C. Dominy and G.S. Camm [pdf]


The nature of last glacial periglaciation in the Channel Islands
S.D. Gurney, H.C.L. James and P. Worsley [pdf]

Notes of poster displays

Kaolinized Devonian metasediments adjacent to the St Austell Granite, Cornwall
C.M. Bristow and P.W. Scott [pdf]

Stanniferous palaeovalley systems in Mount’s and St. Austell Bays, South Coast of Cornwall
G.S. Camm and S.C. Dominy [pdf]

High velocity layer beneath seismic ‘reflector x’ in the Bristol Channel may be Carboniferous Limestone: implications for a possible Exmoor-Cannington Park thrust
N.J.P. Smith, J.D. Cornwell, S. Holloway and R.A. Edwards [pdf]

Field Excursion

Field excursion to study damage zones around strike-slip faults at Crackington Haven, north Cornwall
Y.S. Kim, J.R. Andrews and D.J. Sanderson [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers and posters presented at the conference [pdf]