All articles for this Part can be found in a single PDF here

Cornubia and the palaeogeography of a continental margin
Prof. D. L. Dineley

Progress report on the work of the I.G.S. in S.W. England (not published)
J. E. Wright

W. G. Manton and the geological map of S.W. England
N. E. Butcher

The geology of the Middle Teign Valley
J. A. Chesher

The stratigraphy of the Carboniferous rocks of the Hartland area of North Devon.
L. J. Moore

Results of mapping the Haldon Hills
R. J. O. Hamblin

New Red Sandstone stratigraphy in Devon and West Somerset
D. J. C. Laming

Granites and structure : sonic comments on S.W. England.
W. R. Dearman

Conodonts from the Dinantian of N.E. Devon.
S. C. Matthews and J. M. Thomas

The derivation of the Tertiary sediments in the Petrockstow Basin, North Devon
C. M. Bristow

The S.W. England granites and the concept of the “ternary” minimum
J. R Hawkes

A study of the Praa Sands elvan and its bearing on the origin of elvans
M. Stone

The geology of the Siblyback dam, Bodmin Moor (not published)
J. C. Harvey

Kiberick Cove conodonts : a progress report (not published)
J. C. Harvey

Fluorine and chlorine in some granitic rocks
R. Fuge and G. M. Power

Tin and lead in the Land’s End aureole, Cornwall
P. A. Floyd

Copper content of metamorphic and metasomatic basic hornfelses, Land’s End aureole
P. A. Floyd

Studies relating to the distribution of mercury in Cornwall (not published)
K. F. G. Hosking

Porphyry dykes in relation to tin mineralization in West Cornwall (not published)
K. F. G. Hosking

Pleistocene episodes of the North East Celtic Sea trough
J. Dixon

Recent exploration of certain drowned valleys in the South West of England(not published)
F. W. Sherrell

Water from the “Bunter” in West Somerset
F. W. Sherrell

Aspects of the raised beaches of South Cornwall
H. C. L. James