ISSN 0566-3954

Evolutionary patterns in the nekton and plankton of the Devonian and Cretaceous
M.B. Hart [pdf]

Micropalaeontological investigations of the Oxford clay
M.J. Oxford, M.B. Hart and M.P.Watkinson [pdf]

Global climate change; A geological perspective
M.B. Hart and A.B. Hart [pdf]

A new occurrence of diagenetic Simonkolleitte from the Gannel estuary, Cornwall
D. Pirrie, M.R. Power, P.D. Wheeler and A.S. Ball [pdf]

Impact on mining sedimentation; the Camel and Gannet estuaries, Cornwall
D. Pirrie, M.R. Power, A. Payne, G.S. Camm and P.D. Wheeler [pdf]

Silicic volcanism in the Rhenohercynian zone
R.M. Jones and P.A. Floyd [pdf]

The seismicity of Cornwall and Devon
R.M.W. Musson [pdf]

The early Cornubian plutons: a geochemical study.
M. Stone [pdf]

Rare earth elements in mineralised granite aureoles
T.K. Ball, N.J. Fortey and K.E. Beer [pdf]

The cassiterite-anatase-ilmenite-monazite-sulphide-chlorite assemblage of North Tincroft Lode
N.G. LeBoutillier, R.K. Shail and C. Jewson [pdf]

The influence of fluid pressure in governing fracture geometry and mineral textures
C. Halls, J.W. Cosgrove and G.S. Camm [pdf]

Engineering geomorphological mapping of the Upper Greensand escarpment
J.S. Griffiths [pdf]

Shallow foundation problems and ground conditions in Torbay
A.C. Cattell [pdf]

Engineering geology and hazard assessment of excavated china clay slopes
D. Stead, J.S. Coggan and J.H. Howe [pdf]

Devonian and Carboniferous volcanic rocks; some geological perspectives
R.J. Merriman, J.A Evans and B.E. Leveridge [pdf]

Morphology, composition and supercooling of the primary olivine microcrescumulate
A.T.V. Rothstein [pdf]

The geology of the Lizard complex; 100 years of progress
M.T. Styles, C.A. Cook and R.E. Holdsworth [pdf]

Reprint of paper read at the 1999 conferenece

Soil gas geochemistry as an investigative tool in south-west England
G.A. Duddrldge [pdf]