ISSN 0566-3954

Simulated Late-glacial and Holocene relative sea-level and palaeotidal changes on the Isles of Scilly: a new approach for assessing changes in the areal extent of the inter-tidal zone
T.A.L. Mortimer, J.D. Scourse, S.L. Ward and K. Uehara [pdf]

William George Maton (1774-1840) and his mineralogical map of the Western Counties of England
J.D. Mather [pdf]

W.A.E. Ussher: an insight into his life and character
E. Burt [pdf]

The relationship of stratigraphically controlled lithological variations in the Mercia Mudstone Group (Triassic) in South-West England to weathering processes and landslide mechanisms
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

A legacy slope failure in Penlee Quarry – a warning to others
R. McAllister, G. Walton, J. Coggan and A. Wetherelt [pdf]

The sub-fossil assemblage from a Holocene calcareous palaeosol in Daymer Bay, North Cornwall
F.M.P. Howie and A. Gwynn [pdf]

Investigations near Devon Great Consols Mine into airborne dust pollution
J. Bruce, M. Fowler and H. Datson [pdf]

Possible tetrapod burrows in the Mid Triassic Otter Sandstone Formation at Sidmouth, Devon, UK
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

Stage nomenclature in the uppermost Jurassic rocks of Britain
J.C.W. Cope [pdf]

A concealed sea cliff and low-stand wave-cut platform on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, UK
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

Biodiversity and species succession of the Black Ven – Spittle’s landslide complex, Dorset
R. Pearson, A.D. Gibson and R. Inkpen [pdf]

Observations on seismicity in South-West England and the north Dartmoor geochemical anomaly
G.A. Duddridge [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers/posters presented at the Annual Conference, January 2013[pdf]