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Age determination of some rocks from the floor of the English Channel
D. Curry

Low Quaternary sea levels
A. H. Stride

Petrochemical data from the Land’s End aureole
P. Floyd

The mineralisation at Hallsands, South Devon
B. Marshall and J. Falla

The boron content of some Cornish rocks
M. G. Bawden

Potassium-argon ages of some south-western slates and phyllites Cornwall
M. H. Dodson

The structural history of the Carboniferous rocks of North-West Devon
J. E. Prentice

On some major lineaments in Cornwall and South Devon
W. R. Dearman

The structure of Devon and Cornwall
N. E. Butcher

A gravity survey in South-West Cornwall
P. Scott

The small structures of Start Point, South Devon
B. Marshall

Structural studies at Dodman Point, Cornwall
M. C. McKeown

The late fracture phase of the Armorican orogeny in Southern Pembrokeshire
P. L. Hancock

A reinterpretation of part of the Meneage Crush Zone
J. L. M. Lambert

Vertical flattening in the Mylor Beds, near Porthleven, Cornwall
M. Stone

A Middle Devonian conodont fauna from the Tamar Valley
S. C. Matthews

Excavations in the Devonian and Carboniferous rocks of the Chudleigh area, South Devon
M. R. House and N. E. Butcher

The Culm Measures in North-East Devon
J. M. Thomas

Facies changes in the Chert formation of the Lower Culm Series of the Brampton area, North Devon
E. E. Swarbrick

The Devonian sequence of the Brendon Hills area, West Somerset
B. D. Webby

Some aspects of limestone solution on the Mendip Hills
D. G. Mead and D. Ingle Smith

The erosion surfaces of the River Dart
D. Brunsden

Drilling and site investigations in Devon and Cornwall
F. W. Sherrell