ISSN 0566-3954

The Scott Simpson Lecture
Rheno-Hercynian belt of Central Europe: review of recent findings and comparisons with south-west England
W. Franke [pdf]

Planktic foraminifera from the proposed GSSP for the Oxfordian Stage: Redcliff Point, near Weymouth
M.B. Hart, T. Aze, W. Hudson and C.W. Smart [pdf]

The stratigraphy of the Mercia Mudstone Group succession (mid to late Triassic) proved in the Wiscombe Park boreholes, Devon
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

The stratigraphy of the Penarth Group (late Triassic) of the east Devon coast
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

Structure of the Culm Basin: rapid mapping of the Tiverton Sheet and the latest Variscan inversion in Devon
A.B. Leslie, C.E. Burt, B.C. Chacksfield and C.N. Waters [pdf]

A history of N-S faulting in the Wessex Basin including new evidence from the Clay Vale
C. E. Burt and H. C. Prudden [pdf]

Dinosaur tracks from the lower Purbeck strata of Portland, Dorset, southern England
P.C. Ensom and J.B. Delair [pdf]

Geochemical and mineralogical record of historical mining, Hayle Estuary, Cornwall, UK
G.K. Rollinson, D. Pirrie, M.R. Power, A. Cundy and G.S. Camm [pdf]

A new Tertiary basin in North Devon — a progress report
J.C.W. Cope [pdf]

The history and hydrogeology of the Weymouth spas
J.D. Mather and H.C. Prudden [pdf]

Building stone at the western edge of the Blackdown Hills
M.W.C. Barr [pdf]

Fieldtrip to the Corallian rocks of the Dorset coast, Wednesday 3 January 2007
J.C.W. Cope [pdf]

JANUARY 2007 [pdf]