ISSN 0566-3954


A review of basin development in central south-west England. (The Scott Simpson Lecture)

E.B. Selwood [pdf]

A model for the tectono-thermal evolution of north Cornwall

C.F. Pamplin [pdf]

Upper Carboniferous foreland basin evolution in SW Britain

A.J. Hartley and L.N. Warr [pdf]

Middle to Upper Devonian melanges in SW Spain and their relationship to the Meneage Formation in south Cornwall

C.P. Eden and J.R. Andrews [pdf]

The application of the illite “crystaillinity” technique to geological interpretation: a case study from north Cornwall

L.N. Warr and D. Robinson [pdf]

Implications of a supercontinent model for the Avalon composite terrane to the late Proterozoic evolution of the North Armorican Massif.

R.D. Nance, J.B. Murphy, R.A. Strachan and R.S. D’Lemos [pdf]

Changes in deltaic sedimentation in the Upper Carboniferous Westward Ho! Formation and Bideford Group of SW England

X. Li [pdf]

Structural remote sensing of south-west England

L.J.M. Smithhurst [pdf]

Magnetic evidence for the nature and extent of the Exeter lavas

J.D. Cornwell, R.A. Edwards, C.P. Royles and S.J. Self [pdf]

Composite granite intrusions of SW Dartmoor, Devon

D.A. Knox and N.J. Jackson [pdf]

The Wolf Cave Gabbro – alkaline olivine basaltic magmatism in Jersey. Channel lslands

G. Rowbotham and G.J. Lees [pdf]

Mineralogical and preliminary fluid inclusion studies of lead-antimony mineralisation in north Cornwall

R.E. Clayton, R.C. Scrivener and C.J. Stanley [pdf]

Stratigraphy and structure of the Mercia Mudstone Group (Triassic) in the western part of the Wessex Basin

A. Ruffell [pdf]

Cretaceous sea level changes and global eustatic curves; evidence from SW England

M.B. Hart [pdf]

The Upper Greensand in East Devon: new data but old problems

M.B. Hart and C.L. Williams [pdf]

The Late Devensian and Holocene of industrial Severnside and the Vale of Godano: stratigraphy, radiocarbon dating and palaeoecology

D.D. Gilbertson, A.B. Hawkins, C.M. Mills, D.D. Harkness and C.O. Hunt [pdf]

Variations within and between weathered granite and head on Dartmoor

A.J. Gerrard [pdf]

Remotely sensed sedimentology of Plymouth Sound

F. Fitzpatrick [pdf]

Factors influencing the coastal landslide hazard zonation of parts of north and south Devon

P. Grainger and P.G. Kalaugher [pdf]


Post-glacial site at Ponsandane, near Penzance

H.C.L. James [pdf]

Quaternary deposits in the Lake Cutting of the Barnstaple Bypass, North Devon

A.B. Hawkins and S.C. Hawkins [pdf]

Field excursion

Field excursion to the New Red Sandstone of the eastern Crediton Trough, 3rd January 1990

R.C. Scrivener and R.A. Edwards [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]

Abstracts of posters presented at the conference [pdf]