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ISSN 2059-7339

The Scott Simpson Lecture:
Passive margin subsidence: evidence from Rockall Plateau and the Western Approaches (Abstract)
J.W. Murray

Devonian eustatic events
M.R. House

Planktonic Foraminifera from the Cenomanian of the Wilmington Quarries (S.E. Devon)
M.B. Hart

Disseminated tin sulphides in the St Austell granite
D.A.C. Manning

An experimental study of the effects of lithium on the granite system
J.S. Martin

Low-grade, regional metamorphism across the Perranporth-Pentewan Line, Cornwall
T.J. Primmer

Some phosphate minerals at the Megilligar Rocks, Cornwall
M. Stone and M.C. George

Variscan thrusting in the basement of the English Channel and S.W. Approaches
G.A. Day and J. W.F. Edwards

Studies on Fal Estuary sediments I: Early diagenetic sulphide mineralisation
M.G. Thorne

Studies on Fal Estuary sediments II: Artificial diagenesis experiments
M.G. Thorne

The Alderney Sandstone: an alluvial fan
D.G. Rathan

The evolution of a barrier-lagoon system – a case study from Start Bay
C.R. Morey

A guide to the structure of the Lower to Middle Devonian Staddon Grits and Jennycliff Slates on the east side of Plymouth Sound, Devon
T.J. Chapman

The sedimentology of the Lower-Middle Devonian Staddon Grits and Jennycliff Slates on the east side of Plymouth Sound, Devon
C.J. Pound

Late Triassic and earliest Jurassic palynomorph assemblages from the Western English Channel and neighbouring areas
G. Warrington

Notes and Abstracts

The possible influence of storms in the deposition of the Bude Formation (Westphalian), north Cornwall and north Devon
R. Higgs

Notes on the hydrogeology of the Plymouth Limestone
L.S. Roxburgh

Observations on the development of overbank sediments in the Narrator Valley, Dartmoor.
P.C. Sims and B. Gomez

Bertrandite from Hingston Down Quarry, Calstock, Cornwall
G.R. Ward

Deformation of weathered profiles, below head, at Constantine Bay, north Cornwall (Abstract)
D. Cresswell

Distribution of radioactive isotopes in relation to groundwater movement in south-west Devon. (Abstract)
E.M. Durrance

The Marine Lower Devonian of the Plymouth area (Abstract)
K.M. Evans

The Bristol Channel Landmass (Abstract)
L.P. Tunbridge

Clastic sediments within and beneath the Meneage Formation south Cornwall (Abstract)
R.P. Barnes

Tear faulting in south-east Somerset (Abstract)
H. Prudden

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 7
G. Warrington