ISSN 2059-7339

Skarn garnets from South-West England
D.H.M. Alderton [pdf]

Roborough Stone
M.W.C. Barr [pdf]

A revised description and field guide for the Kimmeridge Clay Formation at Kimmeridge, Dorset, UK: Eudoxus and Autissiodorensis Zone
R.W. Gallois [pdf]

New observations on the sandstone ‘dykes’, head deposits and raised beach of Berry Head
M.B. Hart and D. Gosling [pdf]

The distribution of Foraminifera in the Fal Estuary (Cornwall)
M.B. Hart, G.S. Molina, C.W. Smart and J.M. Hall-Spencer [pdf]

Updated interpretations of Late Quaternary sections in West Cornwall resulting from winter storms in recent past
H.C.L. James and P.J. Ealey [pdf]

Geochemistry of Caesium and Fluoride in Cornwall and Devon: Evidence from TellusSW
C.J. Moon [pdf]

Articulated echinoids from the basal Blue Lias Formation (Lower Jurassic) near Watchet, Somerset, England
K. Page and C.R.C Paul [pdf]

An unexpected crinoid-cephalopod association from the Blue Lias Formation (Lower Sinemurian, Lower Jurassic) near Watch, Somerset, England
C.R.C. Paul [pdf]

Cobalt mineralization in Cornwall – A new discovery at Porthtowan
G.K. Rollinson, N. Le Boutillier and R. Selly [pdf]

Evaporite dissolution in the North Curry Sandstone Member (Dunscombe Mudstone Formation, Late Triassic Mercia Mudstone Group), Tauntone Deane (Somerset), S. England
A. Ruffell, M. Benton, M.J. Simms, M.E. Tucker and P.B. Wignall [pdf]

A giant trilobite from the Lynton Formation, North Devon, indicates a Late Emsian age
A.W.A Rushton and R.A. Fortey [pdf]

‘Evidence’ for transition between Authigenic and Allogenic Aquifer functioning related to Regional Uplift and Sea Level Change in the Plymouth Coastal Karst Aquifer
C. Easterbrook and R. Smith [abstract]

The chronology of the Permian succession in Devon – an updated review
G. Warrington [pdf]

Field excursion to examine the Upper Devonian/Lower Carboniferous rocks and the Quaternary deposits of the North Devon coast, 7th January, 2017
C. Cornford, A. Green and M.P. Watkinson [pdf]