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ISSN 2059-7339

Engineering geology in reservoir construction in South West England
J. L. Knill

The influence of weathering on the layout of quarries in South West England
W. R. Dearman and P. G. Fookes

Some examples of cliff failure in S.W. England
H. M. de Freitas

Geological investigation for a proposed offshore tunnel in the Dodman Point-Maenease Point area
M. S. Money

Slope stability problems in the china clay industry of South West England
M. J. Ripley

The geological aspects of colliery tipping in South Wales and Somerset (Abstract)
A. N. Lane

The mineralogy and chemistry of axinite reaction veins cutting the Meldon aplite
D. M. Mackenzie

A model for the development of the greenstones and growth of S.W. England
P. A. Floyd

Preliminary petrological and geochemical data on the Cudden Point greenstone
P. A. Floyd and G. J. Lees

Geochemistry of the Permian igneous rocks of Devon – some conclusions (Abstract)
M. E. Cosgrove

Geochemistry and mineralogy of the Permo-Trias of South West England (Abstract)
M. E. Cosgrove

Wall-rock alteration at Geevor Tin Mine
I. R. Wilson

Gypsum in the Perran Iron Lode, Cornwall
S. Henley

Hydraulic fracturing in south Pembrokeshire and north-west Devon (Abstract)
P. L. Hancock

Oblique folds in South-West England
D. J. Sanderson

The Tertiary structure of the Haldon Hills
R. J. O. Hamblin

The form of the Permo-Triassic basin in south-east Devon
M. R. Henson

Provincial affinities of Eifelian phacopids (Trilobita) of South West England
C. J. Burton

The Upper Carboniferous statigraphy of north Cornwall and west Devon
E. C. Freshney and R. T. Taylor

The conodont biostratigraphy of the Plymouth Limestones about the Middle/Upper Devonian boundary
M. J. Orchard