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A summary of the Geological Survey’s findings to date in relation to the Cornish bodies and granites in general
J. R. Hawkes and K. Chaperlin

Some aspects of variation in granitic rocks with particular reference to the granites of S.W. England
M. Stone

Potassium metasomatism in the thermal-chemical gradient
B. Booth

Granites by differential anatexis (not published)
B. Booth

The structure and stratigraphy of the Lower Devonian rocks of the Looe area, S.E. Cornwall
A. N. Lane

The structure of south west Cornwall : a study in tectonic facies
J. L. M. Lambert

Breccias of the Gorran Haven area
M. C. McKeown

Some aspects of the slaty cleavage in the Padstow area of N. Cornwall
G. A. Gauss

Kink-bands of Bigbury Bay
S. Simpson

Correlation of South and North Cornwall
E. M. L. Hendriks

Lower Carboniferous stratigraphy in the St. Mellion area
S. C. Matthews

Structure and stratigraphy of the Upper Carboniferous Bude Sandstones, North Cornwall
A. F. King

Lower Carboniferous zonefossils
S. C. Matthews

Derived fossils from the Upper Culm Measures south of Launceston, Cornwall
E. B. Selwood

Carboniferous rocks of North Devon : the Appledore Formation
N. J. Money

Conglomerates, tuffs and concretionary beds in the Upper Devonian of Waterside Cove, near Goodrington Sands, Torbay
F. J. W. Holwill

Superposed structures in the Trebursye Beds of Launceston, Cornwall
W. R. Dearman

Remarks on the geology of the St. Mellion area
S. C. Matthews

Facies changes in the Chert Formation (Lower Carboniferous) of North Devon
J. E. Prentice

Tidal current fashioning of a basal bed
R. H. Balderson and A. H. Stride

The stratigraphical distribution of kaolinite in the post-Armorican formations of South-West England
M. E. Cosgrove and D. L. Slater

Greenstone sills and metamorphic zoning in the Land’s End aureole at Newlyn, Cornwall
P. Floyd

Secondary tourmaline from the granitic rocks of S.W. England
G. M. Power

Techniques and application of underwater geology using SCUBA techniques (not published)
M. C. McKeown

The geomorphology of the Bideford District (not published)
F. J. Smith

Sedimentation on Instow Beach
J. M. Thomas

D.Phil. and B.Sc. theses submitted at Oxford since 1950 on the geology of Devon and Cornwall.
M. R. House