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Carboniferous faunas and palaeogeography of the South West England region
W. H. C. Ramsbottom

Stratigraphy of the Ilfracombe Beds of the North Devon coast (Abstract)
K. Jeffery

The origin of calcareous nodules in Upper Devonian slate near Newton Abbot (Abstract)
B. W. Riddolls

Conodonts from the Upper Devonian of the Saltern Cove-Elberry Cove area (Abstract)
M. E. Tucker and P. van Straaten

Conodonts and facies on the Chudleigh Schwelle
M. E. Tucker and P. van Straaten

Conodonts from the Lummaton Shell Bed (Middle Devonian, Torquay)
S. C. Matthews

The Triassic rocks of South Devon
M. R. Henson

Permo-Triassic erosion of the Mendip Hills (Abstract)
A. E. Frey

Aspects of the Upper Greensand of the Bovey Basin (Abstract)
R. A. Edwards

Cyclical sedimentation in the Petrockstow Basin
E. C. Freshney

The Burtle Beds of Somerset
C. Kidson

The Variscan structure of Eastern Dartmoor
R. A. Waters

Possible Tertiary deformation of Armorican structures in South East Cornwall
A. N. Lane

The composition of Cornish quartz-porphyry (elvan) dykes
A. Hall

New Isotopic age-determinations, S.W. England (Abstract)
R. R. Harding and J. R. Hawkes

An application of statistical methods to the geochemistry of an area around Perranporth, Cornwall
S. Henley