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ISSN 2059-7339

Address of the Guest Speaker:
Palaeomagnetic reconstructions and the Variscan Orogeny
D.H. Tarling

Preliminary investigations of South Cornish melanges
R.P. Barnes, J.R. Andrews, and J.P.N. Badham

Rodingites in the Lizard Complex
A. Hall

Palynological evidence for the age of the Mylor Slates, Mount Wellington, Cornwall
R.E. Turner R.T. Taylor A.J.J. Goode, and B. Owens

Upper Devonian goniatite environments in Belgium
S. S. Gatley

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 3
G. Warrington

A derived late Permian palynomorph assemblage from the Keuper Marl (Late Triassic) of West Somerset
G. Warrington

The clay mineralogy of the Rhaetic transgression in Devon and Somerset – environmental and stratigraphical implications
M.J. Mayall

Microfaunal investigation of Shapwick Grange Quarry East Devon
M.B. Hart, P.P.E. Weaver and C.S. Harris

A biometric analysis of an Orbitolina fauna from the Cretaceous succession at Wolborough, S. Devon
M.B. Hart, E.C. Manley, and P.P.E. Weaver

Diagenesis of limestones from the Upper Greensand at Wolborough, South Devon
R.A. Edwards

Tertiary silcretes of the Sidmouth area, East Devon
K.P. Isaac

The engineering properties of the South-Western granites related to artificial geothermal exploitation
A. S. Batchelor

Speculations on the nature of the S.W. England batholith at Depth
C.S. Exley

Textures of some Cornish granites.
M. Stone

An experimental study of the effect of fluorine, in addition to water on crystallization in the system Qz-Ab-Or, and its application to Cornish granitic rocks rich in fluorine
D.A.C. Manning

Etch-pit weathering of feldspars
W.R. Dearman and F.J. Baynes

Quartz-cored tourmalines from Cape Cornwall and other localities
C. J. Lister

Chemical composition of relict clinopyroxenes from the Mullion Island lavas, Cornwall
P.A. Floyd and G. Rowbotham

The distribution of radon in the stream waters of Dartmoor (Abstract)
M.J. Heath

The uranium content of ore minerals from St Michael’s Mount and Cligga Head, Cornwall
F. Moore and P.K. Swart

Radioactive accessory minerals in granites from South-west England
T.K. Ball and I.R. Basham

Geochemical and ecological investigations at the South Molton Consol Mine site
J.P.N. Badham, M.E. Cosgrove, D.R. Crump, P.J. Edwards, A. Leach, M. Leclere, R.A. Saunders, and A. Winter

Sediment dynamics at the mouth of the River Teign, South Devon (Abstract)
D.J.C. Laming