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ISSN 2059-7339

The geology of the south-west U.K. continental shelf (Abstract)
J. E. Wright

The structure of the Dartmouth Antiform
D. M. Hobson

The Staddon Grits – or Meadfoot Beds?
G. M. Harwood

Notes on the Hangman Sandstones (Middle Devonian) of North Devon (Abstract)
I. P. Tunbridge

The stratigraphy and structure of the South Brent area (Abstract)
A. D. Willcock

British Triassic Palaeontology
G. Warrington

Triassic evaporites in south-west England (Abstract)
G. Warrington

Notes on the Lias outlier near Selworthy, West Somerset
A. Whittaker

The distribution of the ammonite Psiloceras planorbis in S.W. Britain (Abstract)
A. Whittaker

Post-Hercynian movements in south-west Britain and their significance in the evolution of the Cornubian and Welsh “oldlands”
T. R. Owen

The geomorphological development of the Penzance area
A. J. J. Goode and A. C. Wilson

Practical aspects of periglacial effects on weathered granite
W. R. Dearman, F. J. Baynes and Y. Irfan

Aspects of the hydrogeology of St. Mary’s, Scilly Isles
W. G. Burgess, U. R. Clowes, J. W. Lloyd and J. M. Marsh

Heavy element accumulations in the Teign Estuary (Abstract)
J. R. Merefield

Supra-batholithic volcanism of the south-west England granites
M. E. Cosgrove and M. H. Elliott

Review of geochemical data on rocks from the Lizard complex Cornwall
P. A. Floyd

A preliminary geochemical twist to the Lizard’s new tale
P. A. Floyd, G. J. Lees, and A. Parker

Preliminary isotopic age determinations from the St. Just mining district (Abstract)
A. N. Halliday and J. G. Mitchell

The Levant Mine Carbona, a fluid inclusion study
N. J. Jackson

Fluid inclusion studies at St. Michael’s Mount
N. J. Jackson and A. H. Rankin

Metatyuyamunite from the Uraniferous – Vanadiferous nodules in the Permian marls and sandstones of Budleigh Salterton, Devon
E. M. Durrance and M. C. George

The curved-crystal pegmatite, Goonbarrow
J. P. N. Badham and C. W. Stanworth

Cornubian geotectonics – lateral thinking
J. P. N. Badham