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Guest speaker
Some Problems of the Geology of Brittany
Y. Milon

The Devonian Succession of the Padstow Area, North Cornwall
M. R. House

The Carboniferous Goniatite Zones in Devon and Cornwall
N. E. Butcher

The Carboniferous Goniatites of North Devon
J. E. Prentice and J. M. Thomas

The Structure and Stratigraphy of the Lower Culm Measures between Bridestowe and Lewtrenchard, Devon
W. R. Dearman

The Treleague Quartzite and its associations
P. T. Carr

Sedimentology of the Baggy Beds in North Devon
R. Goldring

Geological results from the Western Approaches of the English Channel
W. F. Whittard

Minor Structures in the Gramscatho Beds
J. L. M. Lambert

The Structure of the Dulverton area
M. Lucas

Some observations on the stratigraphy of the Tintagel area
E. B. Selwood

A sandy facies in the Dartmouth slates
D. L. Dineley

Evidence of large scale northward-directed thrusting in South Cornwall
E. M. L. Hendriks

The Tregonning – Godolphin Granite
M. Stone

A study of the Godolphin Granite
G. Subbarao

Geomorphology of Bodmin Moor
M. R. Weller

Geomorphology of the Culm area of Central Devonshire.”
M. J. Bradshaw

Streams and Structure in West Cornwall
C. E. Everard

The Geomorphology of the South Hams area
A. R. Orme

The Seaward slopes and cliffs at Porth Nanven (West Penwith)
R. A. G. Savigear

Mendip derived gravels and their relation to combes
B. Clayden and D. C. Findlay

Origin of the Dartmoor Tors
R. A. Neilson and J. Palmer

Abstracts of three papers delivered in the Geomorphology Section, Exeter 1958

The bearing of superficial deposits on the age and origin of the upland plain of East Devon
R. S. Waters

Erosion surfaces on Dartmoor and adjacent areas
R. S. Waters

The Shingle Complexes of Bridgwater Bay
C. Kidson