ISSN 0566-3954


Research and development on geothermal energy in Europe

J.D. Garnish [pdf]

Problems in the development of artificial geothermal energy exploitation in Cornwall

R.H. Parker [pdf]

A review of geological investigations associated with the UK Hot Dry Rock programme

H.G. Richards, J. Willis-Richards and J. Pye [pdf]

Chemical variation in tourmalines from south-west England

D.A.C. Manning [pdf]

Amphiboles from the igneous complex at Sorel Point, Jersey, C.I. Reflectors of acid-basic magma interaction

S. Salmon [pdf]

Tile Trégor Dyke Swarm at Port Béni, North Brittany: a preliminary study

G.J. Lees, R.A. Roach and G. Rowbotham [pdf]

Proposed Mesozoic dykes in the Celtic Sea

J.W.F. Edwards, M. Briant and M.J. Arthur [pdf]

Pre-folding tectonic contraction and extension of the Bude Formation, North Cornwall

R.B.M. Mapeo and J.R. Andrews [pdf]

Vein arrays and their relationship to transpression during fold development in the Culm Basin, central south-west England

R.R. Jackson [pdf]

A comparison between the displacement geometries of veins and normal faults at Kilve, Somerset

D.C.P. Peacock [pdf]

Palaeo-geothermal profiling across the South Wales Coalfield

S. White [pdf]

Variscan structures in the opencast coal sites of the, South Wales Coalfield

J.E. Cole, M. Miliorizos, K. Frodhsam, R.A. Gayer, P.A. Gillespie, A.J. Hartley and S.C. White [pdf]

The role of fluids in the evolution of the South Wales Coalfield foreland basin

R.A. Gayer, J. Cole, K. Frodsham, A.J. Hartley, B. Hillier, M. Miliorizos and S.C. White [pdf]

Alluvial fan, braided stream and possible marine shoreface deposits of the Lower Palaeozoic Erquy-Fréhel Group, northern Brittany

D.J. Went and M.J. Andrews [pdf]

Devonian sedimentary microrhythms and a Givetian time scale

Michael House [pdf]

Basement weathering at the Lower Palaeozoic unconformity in the Channel Islands and northern Brittany

D.J. Went [pdf]

Palaeoenvironmental; analysis of the late Triassic succession in the Wessex Basin and correlation with surrounding areas

A. Ruffell [pdf]

Sea-level changes across the Albian-Cenomanian boundary in south-west England

M.D. Simmons, C.L. Williams and M.B. Hart [pdf]

The Late Cenomanian calcisphere global bioevent

M.B. Hart [pdf]


A seismic reflection survey as part of a geophysical investigation of the Carnmenellis Granite

R.H. Jones [pdf]

A geochemical study of turbidites in the Bude and Crackington formations north of Exeter

H.W. Haslam and R.C. Scrivener [pdf]

Debris flow and slump deposits from the Upper Carboniferous Bude Formation of SW England: implications for Bude Formation fades models

A. Hartley [pdf]

Field excursions

Field excursion to the Gramscatho Group of south Cornwall, 5th January 1991

R.K. Shail [pdf]

Field excursion to the Lizard Complex, 5th January 1991

A.V. Bromley [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]