ISSN 0566-3954


The Scott Simpson Lecture

Industrial minerals: south-west England’s connections to the world

G.M. Clark [pdf]

Computer-assisted evaluation and planning of a china clay pit

A.J. Wheeler and J.H. Howe [pdf]

Sedimentological implications of building the Cardiff-Weston barrage in the Severn Estuary

R. Kirby [pdf]

Environmental geology mapping for land use planning purposes in the Torbay area

E.M. Lee, J.C. Doornkamp, J.S. Griffiths and D.G. Tragheim [pdf]

The investigation of cavities at two disused .dines using soil gas geochemical and geophysical methods

R.D. Sibley and P. Grainger [pdf]

The significance of terrestrial volatiles as pathfinders in uranium exploration: examples front south-west England

R.G. Gregory [pdf]

Seismic characteristics of buried rock-valleys in Plymouth Sound and the River Tamar

R.D. Eddies and J.M. Reynolds [pdf]

International definition of Devonian System boundaries

M.R. House [pdf]

Behaviour of trace-alkali and other elements at Tregonning granite- pelite contacts

M. Stone and N.T.I. Awad [pdf]

Geochemical and source characteristics of the Tintagel Volcanic Formation

B. Rice-Birchall and P.A. Floyd [pdf]

The geology and geochemistry of the Bar our granite, Normandy, France

T.S. Brewer and G.M. Power [pdf]

An evaluation of flysch provenance – example from the Gramscatho Group of southern Cornwall

R. Shail and P.A. Floyd [pdf]

The deformational history of the area north-west of the Bodmin Moor granite, north Cornwall

L.N. Warr [pdf]

Timing and sense of shear in the Padstow Confrontation Zone, north Cornwall

C.F. Pamplin and J.R. Andrews [pdf]

Evidence and significance of limulid instars from trackways in the Bude Formation (Westphalian), south-west England

D.J. Tyler [pdf]

Comparisons of the late Cenomanian Foraminiferida from the Goban Spur, Site 551, DSDP Leg 80 (Western Approaches) and Dover (SE England)

P.N. Leary and M.B. Hart [pdf]

Partially infilled gully systems on Dartmoor

A.J. Gerrard [pdf]


Geological and minerals planning research commissioned by the Department of the Environment in and near south-west England

B.R. Marker [pdf]

The distribution of recorded landslides in south-west England

D.K.C. Jones, J.S. Griffiths and E.M. Lee [pdf]

Metasomatic tourmaline at Cape Cornwall, Land’s End

G.A. Duddridge [pdf]

Late Permian fossils from Devon: regional geological implications

G. Warrington and R.C. Scrivener [pdf]

Foraminifera and correlation of the Upper Greensand, Branscombe, south-east Devon

C.L. Williams, M.B. Hart and P. Leary [pdf]

Conodonts from the Upper Devonian East Ogwell Limestone at Ransleigh Quarry, south Devon

A-R. Ashouri [pdf]

An arenaceous member in the Mercia Mudstone Group (Triassic) west of Taunton, Somerset

A. Ruffell and G. Warrington [pdf]

Periglacial slope deposits at Wiggaton in the Otter galley, east Devon

A. Straw and R.L.P. Hodgson [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]