ISSN 0566-3954


The hot springs of Bristol and Bath
G.A. Kellaway [pdf]

The Tredorn Nappe, north Cornwall: a review
E.B. Selwood and J.M. Thomas [pdf]

A clay mineral crystallinity investigation of the Upper Carboniferous Culm Basin of south-west England
L.N. Warr and C.A. Hecht [pdf]

The geochemical expression of structural domains between Mousehole and Newlyn, south-west Cornwall
M.K. Durkin [pdf]

Basalt carbonatisation and its implications for antimony mineralisation in north Cornwall
R. Clayton [pdf]

The Cornubian Sn-Cu (-As, W) Metallogenetic Province: product of a 30 m.y. history of discrete and concomitant anatectic, intrusive and hydrothermal events
A.H. Clark, Y. Chen, E. Farrar, H.A.H.P. Wasteneys, J.A. Stimac, M.J. Hodgson, J. Willis-Richards
and A.V. Bromley 

Aspects of alkali feldspars in Cornubian granites
C.S. Exley and K.M. Edmondson [pdf]

Textural and twin sector-zoning and displacement of graphite in chiastolite and pyralspite and grandite garnets in the variscides of south-west England
A.H.N. Rice [pdf]

Growth zoned manganese garnet in chloritoid, graphite schists near Morlaix, north-west France
G.M. Power [pdf]

Phase relations in Al2SiO5 polymorphs; Le Conquet region, north-western Brittany, France
K.A. Jones [pdf]

A preliminary volcanological and petrochemical survey of the late Precambrian calc-alkaline volcanic succession of eastern Jersey, Channel Islands
G.J. Lees and R.A. Roach [pdf]

The nature and development of the metasediment belts on Lihou Island and Vazon Bay, western Guernsey, Channel Islands, and their relationship to the adjacent orthogneisses
R.A. Roach and G.J. Lees [pdf]

A petrogenetic study of granitoids in north-east Finistere, Brittany, France — a preliminary study
J.A. Jennings and G. Rowbotham [pdf]

A new Rhynchosaur from the Middle Triassic of Devon
M.J. Benton, M.B. Hart and T. Clarey [pdf]

A geochemical and mineralogical comparison of Oligocene lignites from the Bovey Basin, Devon and the Crumlin sub-basin, Northern Ireland
R.J. McCaffrey, D.D. Jamison and I.G. Meighan [pdf]

Silcrete duricrusts west of the Bovey Basin
C.M. Bristow [pdf]

Chert formation in the Portland Limestone Formation (Upper Jurassic) of the Dorset coast; a preliminary investigation
I. Gorman, M.B. Hart and C.L. Williams [pdf]

The foliated granitic rocks of western Alderney, Channel Islands: fabric origin and interpretation of
40Ar/39Ar mineral cooling ages
I.R. Tribe, R.S. D’Lemos and R.A. Strachan [pdf]

Foraminiferal analysis of boreholes from Plymouth Sound
P. Castignetti [pdf]

A reconnaissance magnetic survey of the Lundy Tertiary Igneous Complex, Bristol Channel
R. McCaffrey, S. Stewart, P. Dalzell, L. McCaffrey and J. McElroy [pdf]


Evidence for Variscan dextral transpression in the Pilton Shales, Croyde Bay, north Devon
J.R. Andrews [pdf]

Recent benthic Foraminiferida as indicators of pollution in Restronguet Creek, Cornwall
S. Stubbles [pdf]


Regionally important geological and geomorphological sites in Devon: progress with earth science conservation
P. Grainger, M. Anderson, P. Chamberlain, M.B. Hart, B. Meloy and K. Moore [pdf]

Field excursions

Field excursion to the mines of eastern Dartmoor, 7th January 1993
R.C. Scrivener and B.V. Cooper [pdf]

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]