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ISSN 2059-7339

Scott Simpson 1915-1981
D.L. Dineley

Address of the Guest Speaker:
Variscan Sedimentary Basins on the Continent and relations with south-west England
W. Franke and W. Engel

The anatomy of a thrust: a study of the Greystone Thrust Complex, east Cornwall
P.J. Turner

The geological setting, geochemistry and significance of Lower Carboniferous basic volcanic rocks in central south-west England
P. Chandler and K.P. Isaac

An introduction to the geology of the area between Buckfastleigh and Ivybridge
A.D. Willcock

Chemistry of primary and secondary minerals in titaniferous brown amphibole-bearing greenstones from north Cornwall
P.A. Floyd and G. Rowbotham

Hydrothermal circulation and post-magmatic changes in granites of south-west England
E.M. Durrance, A.V. Bromley, C.M. Bristow, M.J. Heath and J.M. Penman

The argillite facies of the Middle Devonian succession in north Cornwall
A.P. Beese

Ventifacts from a deflation surface marking the top of the Budleigh Salterton Pebble Beds, east Devon
A.J. Leonard, A.G. Moore and E.B. Selwood

The Mercia Mudstone Group (Triassic) in the western Wessex Basin
G.K. Lott, R.A. Sobey, G. Warrington and A. Whittaker

Rapid weathering of greenschist by coastal salt spray, east Prawle, south Devon: a preliminary report
D.N. Mottershead

Aquifer characteristics of the Permian deposits in central Devonshire
J.C. Davey

Exmoor channel patterns in relation to the flood of 1952
M.G. Anderson and A. Calver

Loess in Cornwall
J.A. Catt and S.J. Staines

Aspects of the geochemistry of bismuth in south-west England
T.K. Ball, I.R. Basham, D. Blank, T.K. Smith

A revision of “Orthis hipparionix” (Brachiopoda) from the Lower Devonian of Devon and Cornwall
K.M. Evans

Notes and Abstracts:

The Iberian Pyrite Belt, south-west England and Hercynian geotectonics
J.R. Andrews

Thrust and nappe tectonics in central south-west England (Abstract)
P.J. Turner

The geology of the St Mellion outlier (Abstract)
M.J. Whiteley

The stratigraphy of south Cornish melanges (Abstract)
R.P. Barnes

Megacrysts in volcanic rocks from Pitts Cleave Quarry, near Tavistock (Abstract)
N.E. Butcher

Gold-bearing carbonate veins in the Middle Devonian Limestone of Hope’s Nose, Torquay (Abstract)
R.C. Scrivener, B.V. Cooper, M.C. George and T.J. Shepherd

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 6
G. Warrington