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ISSN 2059-7339

Mineralogy and paragenesis at the Mount Wellington Mine (Abstract)
Y.A. Kettaneh and J.P.N. Badham

Some notes on the mineralisation of the Dartmoor Granite
R.C. Scrivener, B.V. Cooper and D.A. Baker

Hydrothermal activity at Bostraze Clay Pit (Abstract)
N.J. Jackson and I.R. Wilson

Potassium – Argon isotopic age determinations from some North Devon mineral deposits
P.R. Ineson, J.G. Mitchell and F.J. Rottenbury

The probable age of some cassiterite mineralisation in S. W. Cornwall (Abstract)
A.N. Halliday

Potassium – Argon ages of basaltic dykes from the Lizard Complex (Abstract)
A.N. Halliday and J.G. Mitchell

The application of the V.L.F. EM16 prospecting technique to selected mineralised areas in S.W. England (Abstract)
K. Atkinson and M.J. McCullough

Palaeomagnetism, and the dynamothermal history of the St. Peter Port Gabbro, Guernsey
E.A. Hailwood and C. Garrett

Geological results of recent seismic investigations in the Bristol Channel area (Abstract)
M. Brooks

The geochemistry of some biotites from the Dartmoor Granite
S. Al-Saleh, R. Fuge and W.J. Rea

The occurrence of topaz-rich greisens in St.Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
F. Moore

Notes on marble and calc-silicate rocks from Duchy Peru borehole, near Perranporth, Cornwall
A.J.J. Goode and R.J. Merriman

Upper Devonian purple and green slates in North Cornwall (Abstract)
A.P. Beese

Conodonts from Middle-Upper Devonian boundary beds at Barton Quarry, Torquay (Abstract)
Christine Castle

Additional conodonts from near the Middle-Upper Devonian boundary in North Cornwall: A progress report
N.A. Mouravieff

Carboniferous successions in Germany and in South West England
S.C. Matthews

British Triassic palaeontology: a supplement
G. Warrington

Palynological examination of Triassic (Keuper Marl and Rhaetic) deposits north east and east of Bristol
G. Warrington

The Cornubian Island
E.M. Durrance and P. Grainger

Turonian microbiostratigraphy of Beer, S.E. Devon
M.B. Hart and P.P.E. Weaver

Glauconite in Celtic Sea sediments
M. George and J.W. Murray

Polyphase folds from the Start complex
D.M. Hobson