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ISSN 2059-7339

Primary regional geochemical reconnaissance of South-west England
P. L. Lowenstein and R. J. Howarth

Muscovite (‘Gilbertite’) from the Meldon aplite
M. Nawaz Chaudhry and R. A. Howie

Geochemical and preliminary palaeomagnetic results of the Lemail lamprophyre, Wadebridge, Cornwall (Abstract)
M. E. Cosgrove and N. Hamilton

Distribution of F and CI in some contact and regionally metamorphosed Cornish Greenstones
P. A. Floyd and R. Fuge

Ti-Zr characterization of some Cornish pillow lavas
P. A. Floyd and G. J. Lees

Geophysical surveys over two ore-bodies near Tavistock, Devon
E. M. Durrance

The sequence of emplacement of basic dykes in the Lizard complex, South Cornwall (Abstract)
A. V. Bromley

Structural zones in Variscan Pembrokeshire
P. L. Hancock

The structure of the Perranporth area, Cornwall
S. Henley

Correlation of fold phases in S.W. England
D. J. Sanderson

The Bridford thrust
E. B. Selwood and S. McCourt

An interpretation of new stratigraphic evidence from South Cornwall
P. M. Sadler

The Camel estuary Pleistocene section west of Tregunna House
B. B. Clarke

Loess in Devon
T. R. Harrod, J. A. Catt and A. H. Weir

The Flandrian sea-level rise in the Bristol Channel
C. Kidson and A. Heyworth

The central Somerset basin
A. Whittaker

Ammonite faunas of the uppermost Kimmeridge Clay, the Portland Sand and the Portland Stone of Dorset
J. C. W. Cope and W. A. Wimbledon

Some observations on the Chert Beds (Upper Greensand) of South-west England
M. B. Hart

The Aller Gravels : Lower Tertiary braided river deposits in South Devon
R. A. Edwards

Structure of the Devonian limestone at Brixham
D. K. Smythe