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ISSN 2059-7339

R. A. Howie

Fluid inclusion studies in SW. England
D. H. M. Alderton

‘Carbonas’ – a review
N. J. Jackson

The Levant Mine carbona
N. J. Jackson

Primary dispersion of rubidium at Wheal Jane and Cligga Head mines and its possible use as a pathfinder (Abstract)
M. J. Al-Atia

A geochemical division of the Namurian shales of Devon and Cornwall and its significance
S. McCourt

Mineralization of the Exmoor district (Abstract)
F. J. Rottenbury

Clay ironstones on Exmoor (Abstract)
R. F. Youell

Iron-manganese mineralization at Merehead Quarry, eastern Mendips (Abstract)
C. Alabaster

Alluvial tin at Colston, Buckfastleigh.
R. C. Scrivener and J. H. Walbeoffe-Wilson

Clay mineral suites in the post-Armorican formations of SW England (Abstract)
M. E. Cosgrove

The structure and age of the gneisses of Sark, Channel Isles
F. A. Gibbons and G. M. Power

A new tale for the Lizard (Abstract).
D. F. Strong, R. K. Stevens, J. Malpas and J. P. N. Badham

K-Ar isotopic age determinations from mineral veins in the Lizard area (Abstract)
A. N. Halliday

A study of secondary fabrics in the rocks from the Lizard peninsula (Abstract)
J. Singh

Notes on some igneous rocks of West Cornwall
R. T. Taylor and A. C. Wilson

The Devonian limestones of Newton Abbot and their equivalents at Torquay (Abstract)
C. T. Scrutton

Correlation and sedimentology of Tom’s Cove Shale, Bude Formation
J. P. B. Lovell

Microfaunal analysis of the Membury Chalk succession
M. B. Hart

A preliminary microfaunal investigation of the Lower Senonian at Beer, SE. Devon
H. W. Bailey

A revision of the geology of the St. Agnes outlier, Cornwall (Abstract)
K. Atkinson, M. C. Boulter, E. C. Freshney, P.T. Walsh and A. C. Wilson

Observations on the basal hardpan of the St. Agnes Beds, Cornwall (Abstract)
K. Atkinson

A late-Pliocene marine transgression at St. Erth, Cornwall, and its possible geomorphic significance
A. C. Wilson

A molluscan interglacial fauna from terrace gravels of the River Cary, Somerset (Abstract)
D. D. Gilbertson and R. B. Beck

A Pleistocene section at Gunwalloe Fishing Cove, Lizard peninsula
H. C. L. James

An examination of recently exposed Pleistocene sections at Godrevy
H. C. L. James

A statistical analysis of the beach metaquartzite clasts from Budleigh Salterton, Devon
A. P. Carr and M. W. L. Blackley