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ISSN 2059-7339

The Proterozoic and Palaeozoic development of the Armorican and Cornubian provinces.
J. T. Renouf

A progress report on geological investigations in the Liskeard area of south east Cornwall (Abstract)
C. J. Burton

Fammenian conodonts and cavity inlills in the Plymouth Limestone (S. Devon).
M. J. Orchard

Ostracod ages from the Upper Devonian purple and green slates around Plymouth.
A. J. Gooday

The age of the Upper Palaeozoic volcanics between Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor.
E. B. Selwood

An appraisal of the “Lizard-Dodman-Start Thrust” concept
P.M. Sadler

Exmoor Thrust? Variscan Front?
S. C. Matthews

Postulated graben structures in southern Britain (Abstract)
A. Whittaker

Chevron folding in the Upper Carboniferous rocks of north Cornwall.
D. J. Sanderson

On the correlations of the Haldlon and Aller Gravels, south Devon.
R. J. O. Hamblin

Gradients of buried channels in Devon.
E. M. Durrance

Some aspects of Quaternary fluvial activity in south-west Cornwall, England.
A. C. Wilson

Discordant calc-silicate bodies in the Botallack area.
N. J. Jackson and D. H. M. Alderton

Geochemistry of Devonian sediments in the Perranporth area, Cornwall.
S. Henley

Geochemistry and petrogenesis of elvan dykes in the Perranporth area, Cornwall.
S. Henley

Granite porphyries in Cornwall.
A. Hall

Petrochemistry of the mica-lamprophyres (minettes) of Jersey (C. I.).
G. J. Lees

The distribution of zinc and Copper in the granites of S. W. England and its relationship to the geochemistry of the halogens.
R. Fuge

Bibliography of rock analyses from the greenstone belt of S.W. England. Part 1: Major elements.
P. A. Floyd

Distribution of Uranium in the Land’s End Granite and aureole, and various greenstones from Cornwall.
I. R. Wilson and P. A. Floyd

Mineral deposits from the Okehampton, Mendip and Exmoor areas (Abstract)
R. F. Youell

New evidence on mineral deposits from central Exmoor
R. F.Youell

New evidence on the mineral workings of Exmoor (Abstract)
F. J. Rottenbury and R. F. Youell

Pendarves Mine: Some comments on the main crosscourse. The Tryphena lode at the granite/killas contact and lode/elvan relationships
J. Hamilton

Grylls Bunny, a ‘tin floor’ at Botallack.
N. J. Jackson

W. A. E. Ussher: His work in the south-west.
D. L. Dineley