ISSN 0566-3954


Late Cenozoic Wales and south-west England
D.Q. Bowen [pdf]

The uranium-thorium and rare earth element geochemistry of reduction nodules from Budleigh Salterton, Devon
A.J. Kemp, M.R. Palmer and K.V. Ragnarsdottir [pdf]

Mingling between coexisting granite magmas within the Land’s End Granite – preliminary observations
S. Salmon [pdf]

Late Cadomian Intermediate Minor Intrusions of Guernsey, Channel Islands: the microdiorite group
R.A. Roach and G.J. Lees [pdf]

Metabasite parageneses in south-west England
D. Robinson, C. Mazzoli and T.J. Primmer [pdf]

Crosscourses in South Crofty Mine, Cornwall: further studies of paragenesis and structure
S.C. Dominy, R.C. Scrivener N. Le Boutillier, M.A. Bussell and C. Halls [pdf]

Ammonium enrichment associated with hyrothermal activity in the granites of south-west England
A. Hall and D.H.M. Alderton [pdf]

Directional features within an assemblage of primary textures preserved in a kilometre section of the upper mantle peridotite, from the Lizard, Cornwall
A.T.V Rothstein [pdf]

The Most Southerly Point Thrust – an example of ductile thrusting in the Lizard Complex, south-west Cornwall
K.A. Jones [pdf]

Late- to post-Variscan extensional tectonics in south Cornwall
R.K. Shail and J.J. Wilkinson [pdf]

Tectonic evolution of the Plymouth Bay Basin
M.J. Harvey, S.A. Stewart, J.J. Wilkinson, A.H. Ruffell, and R.K. Shail [pdf]

Variations in the style of thrust faulting in the South Wales Coalfield and mechanisms of thrust development
T.M. Hathaway and R.A. Gayer [pdf]

Unroofing the Variscan mountains — evidence from the Forest of Dean
J.A. Jones and K.A. Jones [pdf]

A new magnetic survey of Lundy island, Bristol Channel
C.L. Roberts and S.G. Smith [pdf]

The vegetational history of Pile Copse ‘ancient’ oak woodland, Dartmoor, and the possible relationships between ancient woodland, clitter, and mining
C.A. Roberts and D.D. Gilbertson [pdf]

The Portland – Purbeck Transition: a microfacies analysis
I. Gorman and C.L. Williams [pdf]

The Mid-Dorset Swell; a re-assessment
M.B. Hart [pdf]

Mineralogy and provenance of airborne dust in open cast coal mining areas of South Wales
J.R. Merefield, I. Stone, G. Rees, J. Roberts, A. Dean and J. Jones [pdf]


Transpressionally driven rotation in the external Variscides of south-west Britain
R.A. Gayer and M. Nemcok [pdf]

Permian breccias and Pleistocene in temporary exposures around Tiverton, Devon, and their stratigraphical context
R.L.P. Hodgson and D.J.C. Laming [pdf]

The Lithostratigraphy of the Mid-Upper Jurassic of north Dorset; preliminary results from three new boreholes
A.S. Henderson, G.M. Oliver and M.B. Hart [pdf]

Quaternary placer cassiterite deposits in Cornwall: the role of periglacial processes in their development
G.S. Camm and D.G. Croot [pdf]

Observations on soil gas variations in the Bovey Basin
G.A. Duddridge [pdf]

Field excursions

Field excursion to the Minehead area, 5th January
H.C. Prudden and R.A. Edwards

Field excursion to examine the Triassic Jurassic transition in west Somerset and the Quaternary deposits of Doniford Bay, Watchet
K.N. Page, A.H. King and D.D. Gilbertson

Abstracts of other papers read at the conference [pdf]