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Guest speaker:
Structure, regional metamor¬phism and pluton intrusion in the Pyrenees
L. U. de Sitter

The origin and relations of the granites of South-Western England (Discussion)
C. S. Exley and M. Stone

Some structures in the granites of Scilly
A. T. J. Dollar

Structural petrology of the schists of the Start Point area
F. C. Phillips

The significance of framboidal pyrite in Cornish and other deposits
K. F. G. Hosking

The geology of Land’s End aureole of Tater-du
P. Floyd

Radioactivity measurements on the Dartmoor granite
J. C. Harvey

A Radiation counter for geological survey work
P. G. Wood

Radiometric investigations in the St. Just area
R. I. Howarth and P. M. Tunbridge

The Limestones of the Ilfracombe Beds
F. J. W. Holwill

A Carboniferous conodont fauna from Callington, East Cornwall
S. C. Mathews

Goniatite zonation of the Frasnian
M. R. House

Structural trends of the Western approaches of the English Channel
M. N. Hill

Quarternary sedimentation around South-West England
A. Stride

Sub-marine geology of the Bristol Channel
D. T. Donovan

Small scale tectonic structures
W. Dearman

The structure of Devon and Cornwall
S. Simpson

Ancient erosion surfaces in Scilly
A. T. J. Dollar

Re-examination of some Pleistocene sections in Devon and Cornwall
N. Stephens

The palaeography of the 430-foot shoreline stage in East Cornwall
M. R. Weller

Cliff morphology of the Bristol Channel coast of North Devon
D. Shearman