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ISSN 2059-7339

W.A.E. Ussher: his ancestral background
M. House

The role of pressure solution in the formation of small-scale tectonic structures in south Devon (Abstract)
D.M. Hobson

The stratigraphy and structure of Babbacombe Cliff, Torquay, and its significance
C. T. Scrutton

Conodont faunas from Babbacombe Cliff, Torquay
C. Castle

Palaeocurrent studies in the Middle and Upper Devonian basinal facies of north Cornwall
A. P. Beese

Clay mineral studies of Crackington Formation shales near Exeter
P. Grainger and M.C. George

British Triassic palaeontology: supplement 2
G. Warrington

Palynological features of the late Triassic – early Jurassic sequence in west Somerset
G. Warrington

The Variscan granites of south-west England: a progress report
J. R. Hawkes and J. Dangerfield

A cluster analysis of chemical data from the granites of S.W. England
M. Stone and C.S. Exley

Petrographic and chemical distinction between the megacrystic members of the Carnmenellis granite, Cornwall
K. I.Al-Turki and M. Stone

The Halvosso pegmatites
N.J. Jackson

A field study of the basic controls of weathering patterns in the Dartmoor granite
W. R. Dearman and F.J. Baynes

Tors and granite landforms of Dartmoor and eastern Bodmin Moor
A.J.W. Gerrard

Some tourmalinised rocks from Cornwall and Devon
C. J. Lister

Rare earth elements in basic volcanics from S.W. England (Abstract)
P.A. Floyd

Rare earth elements in acid rocks of S.W. England (Abstract)
G.J. Lees, D.H.M. Alderton, J.A. Pearce and C.S.Exley

Rare earth elements in minettes from Jersey, Channel Islands (Abstract)
G.J. Lees

Trace elements as indicators of sediment transport in some estuaries of south-west England (Abstract)
J.R. Merefield

Radon in the stream waters of East Devon
E.M. Durrance